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How to improve the immunity of the child folk remedies?

It often happens that from the moment the mother's baby was bornTry to strengthen its immunity in every way. But this is fundamentally wrong. Often happens so that the desire to raise the level of endurance of immunity in the first year of life of the baby leads to opposite results.

The peculiarity of immunity of the breast is that it has maternal immunity. It is caused by the presence in the child's body of antibodies, which the mother received during pregnancy.

This explains the fact that children in their first year of lifeAlmost never get chickenpox or rubella. But colds are very common at this age. The body produces its own immune forces during the fight against such diseases.

But if your crumbs from birth are suchProblems like asphyxia, bronchitis or pneumonia and others, then the question of improving the immunity of the baby for you - more than relevant. Children with congenital health problems are more likely to suffer from various diseases than their peers.

You can not in any case without the appointment of a doctor,Independently, to apply any kind of medications that, in your opinion, can enhance children's immunity. These drugs are not allowed for use by children in their first year of life.

Only a pediatrician can answer the question,How you can strengthen the immunity of your baby without harm to health. The doctor should observe the baby from birth to know about the health features of your baby.

Nevertheless, there are several tips forIncrease the immunity of infants. They are universal, so they can approach absolutely all babies. It has long been proven that with prolonged breastfeeding, immunity in children is guaranteed to rise. Therefore, it is necessary to extend the lactation period for as long as possible. Most likely, in the first weeks of breastfeeding you will seem tiring and uncomfortable. This is easy to explain: after all, at first, the young mother did not have a normal lactation process.

Mom often thinks that milk is too much,Or too little. But do not give up the first difficulties and do not rush to transfer the baby to artificial feeding. The body will soon be in tune and will meet all the children's needs. And you will definitely appreciate breastfeeding on merit. Babies receiving breast milk, very rarely suffer from reduced immunity.

Another way to increase the immunity of a child isHardening, which can begin right after birth. But do not fanatically get carried away by it and take the baby out in the cold or bathe in icy water. The hardening process must be carried out gradually and reasonably, otherwise you can achieve opposite results.

Often, when parents are looking for ways to strengthenImmunity of the child, they find the most simple ways - folk. By the way, increasing the immunity of folk remedies is often much more effective than the use of pharmacological agents. Preparations of folk healing are devoid of side effects. They act softer on the children's body.

Pharmacological agents for enhancingImmunity often adversely affect the condition and performance of the digestive and urinary systems. I must say that parents, deciding to use pharmacy drugs to increase the immune forces of the baby's body, may inadvertently exceed the permissible rate, and this can negatively affect the state of immunity of the child. That's why you should not resort to self-medication with the help of such drugs.

Below we will look at the step-by-step process of strengthening the immunity of a child with the help of folk remedies.

To start, you need to revise the diet and menuYour baby. Otherwise, all that has been said about strengthening immunity with the help of folk remedies will lose all meaning. It is necessary to exclude everything from the child's menu that contains dyes or preservatives. Products such as chewing gum, soda, chips do not bring anything but harm. Your child should receive only full and healthy food.

An answer to the question of strengthening and improvingImmunity can become a normal dog rose. Try to replace all the liquid that the child drinks (except milk, of course) with broth from the dog rose. To make it, you need to take grams of 200 rose hips (fresh) or grams of 300 dried, sugar (not more than 100 g) and water (1 liter). Fill the dogrose with water and put it on the fire. We cook all several hours. We wait until the berries are completely boiled. Then add sugar and boil for another couple of minutes. Then wrap the pan with a towel or another warm cloth and insist, waiting until the tincture cools. When the broth becomes cold, strain it through gauze. Such tea from the dog rose can be given to the baby in unlimited quantities, but it should not be less than 100 grams per 10 kg of your child's weight.

I must say that this broth can causeFrequent urination, but do not worry, this is normal. But if the child suffers from diseases of the urinary system, kidneys, you need to consult a doctor in advance.

Those kids who often run barefoot, oftenThereby increasing their own immunity. It is proved that there are an incredible number of active points on human feet. When they are stimulated, the immunity rises significantly. It is useful to run barefoot on sand and pebbles, especially the sea. In winter, you can walk barefoot at home, and to prevent colds, you can just wear socks.

For older children (up to 14 years)Give another recipe for effective national means. We take the head of garlic, clean it, let it pass through the meat grinder and mix it with 100 grams of honey. We maintain this mixture for about a week and give it to the child during a meal three times a day. If the child often has allergic reactions, then this tool can not be used.

The most, probably, simple, but, nevertheless,An effective tool for raising the body's immune forces, is a trip to the seaside. A few weeks at sea, sea air and bathing give the baby an excellent charge of energy and permanently strengthen immunity.

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