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Child psychology - the influence of color on the psychology of the child

Typically, designers tend to use threeThe main colors of the spectrum when choosing the design of children's products. These are all shades of yellow, blue and red. Their children perceive better than others, first of all paying attention to objects of similar colors. It is believed that when decorating a room for children (a bedroom or a games room), it is better to refer to these three basic colors. But you need to understand what the effect of color or its hue on the psychology of the child. It has long been known and described by psychologists around the world. Here are the most important aspects.

Red for the child is a strong irritant. It usually causes excessive activity in even the quietest children. Based on the results of many studies, it was determined how strongly a certain color affects children. If you use it correctly, you can choose color solutions, depending on the purpose of any of the children's items or rooms for the child.

Yellow is considered the color of harmony, it is capableCause the child to feel joyful, and also stimulate him to focus and obedience. Especially beneficial yellow color affects the nervous, nervous and prone to hysterics child. Also yellow color stimulates the appetite (both in the child and in the adult).

Green color has a strong influence onDevelopment and changes in the character of children. He induces interest in learning and the knowledge of the world around him. Shades of green inspire the child with courage, form self-confidence. But much to get involved in green is not worth it, especially if the child is a phlegmatic. Otherwise, it will completely lose its activity and will not be able to develop normally.

Blue is the color of depth and purity. The shades of blue in the forces, even in the most passive child, awaken the imagination and cause interest in "distant worlds." If your task - to draw or attract children's attention to anything specifically, then be sure to try to use at least a little blue.

Blue color is always freshness, weightlessness andease. Blue shades have a relaxing effect on the children's body as a whole, they soothe. From a medical point of view, it is proved that the blue color is able to lower the pressure. Blue shades help the child relieve stress at the end of the day, but do not forget that it is impossible to oversaturate the room with blue. This causes a feeling of alienation and cold.

Orange color will help the child to become moreSociable. This color strengthens the community of people who gather together in this room. That's why choosing orange shades is best for the room where the whole family usually gathers together. It can be a dining room or a hall. So the child will be easier to learn how to communicate with other people. Also, this color affects the excitement of appetite, so it is perfect for decorating the kitchen. Child psychology is such that the orange color helps them to better transfer the time of being alone.

Purple color can be a great symbolSpiritual perfection and purity, abundance and enlightenment. It causes the child a sense of inner harmony and peace. Violet shades are very well combined with light yellow-pink tones.

Red color, as already mentioned, gives joyChildren and adults. But it should not be a lot in the children's bedroom, because it will interfere with a quiet child's sleep. Especially dangerous is red for a hyperactive child - it excites aggression and helps to increase nervousness.

Knowing the influence of color on the child, you can not onlyIt's nice, but it's also useful to arrange a children's bedroom, a games room and other rooms where children are. Using color, you can create a more comfortable environment for children. Just need to consider that in the children's room during the daytime should prevail bright and bright colors, and in the dark - shades of dark. Only so the night rest of the child will be the most complete. To do this, it is better to buy tight curtains, by which you will close the windows for the period of the child's sleep, which will ensure him a good rest and peace.

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