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Educate a successful child

In the beginning, we will think about who is considered to beSuccessful people. This broad enough concept includes not only popular movie stars and prosperous businessmen. A person is only then happy and successful, if at work he is a sought-after specialist, in the family he is valued and loved, he has many acquaintances and friends, and his point of view is valued and in demand in the circle of his communication. Encourage your child from a young age, how to behave properly in society and at home.

In today's world, a successful person is a person,Sensitive and attentive to the needs of those around him, familiar with etiquette. In order to raise a successful child from a baby, one must pay attention to ensure that personal belongings and toys are always in order, the clothes are neat and tidy, and the hands are always clean. In the beginning, this should be done with jokes and jokes, as if in the form of a game. Constantly fix these skills in the child, be consistent. You can not raise a successful child, so as not to pay his attention to the desires and feelings of others.

One can agree that a little ladyWill never scream to take away a doll from a girlfriend, and a small gentleman will not throw sand at children. And this idea needs to be conveyed to the child, citing some fairy-tale characters as an example: "After all, you are a princess, and princesses are not greedy, they always divide. Probably, only the bad grandmothers-hedgehogs are harmful and greedy, and nobody loves them for that. " In this game you need to constantly involve the child, just connect your imagination, so that the positive fairy-tale hero becomes familiar and close to him.

"You can not" and "you can"
As little as possible forbid and allow more,And here we are not talking about dangerous activities for the child. If your child wants to understand how to turn on the TV with the remote, or want to press the buttons on the computer keyboard, try to pay attention and explain to the child how it all works. Sit next to it in front of the monitor screen, open a new document in Word, and show that if you press certain keys, then on the screen of the monitor there will appear numbers and letters. Explain what the big red button and arrows on the remote control mean and when they need to be pressed. After all, our children should be with technology on "you", they grow surrounded by technological progress.

It must be reasonably forbidden. Explain your prohibitions with details. For example, you can not pull on a tablecloth, you can drop everything that is on the table. The dishes will be broken and there will be glass everywhere. And not all pieces of glass can be removed, and then you can become a foot on them and get hurt. In addition, if flowers and food fall, they will dirty the carpet. After all, the child to the end can not imagine the consequences of if he violates the ban.

And the picture that you draw to it,Will make a vivid impression on him. Gradually, he will represent the consequences of all situations, and for several moves will calculate his actions. Encourage the child of any interest. And to educate a successful person, you need to communicate with your child, beginning with a small age. When you talk with the baby, you need the child's attention to what surrounds you, when you sing songs and tell tales to him, you create a basis for successful learning in the future. Comprehensive development of the child includes memory, speech skills, vocabulary. And when the child grows older, do not dismiss it "why" and "why". Look for answers to various questions with him, now there are many interesting children's encyclopedias, clever and colorful books on various topics on sale.

The child, like a sponge, remembers and absorbs inNew information, and you will soon be surprised by his knowledge. Develop the talents of your child that he has. For example, you noticed that he easily remembers foreign words, asks you what language this or that song sounds. Buy him computer games that teach the language, a children's English-Russian dictionary with transcriptions of words and pictures. Maybe your child will not become a professional translator, but in the future he will easily learn languages, they will be easy for him to give, and for the life of a successful person it will come in handy.

Parents should be the first to notice the interestsAnd the inclination of the child and take part in what interests him. There is nothing wrong if his interests change very often, today he likes one thing, tomorrow is different. The time will come and he will decide, and if you help him in this, you will be able to lay an excellent foundation for his success.

How can you raise a successful person from a child? Use these tips and you will be able to properly raise a child and help him become a successful person in life.

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