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Calcium in food for children

Calcium for children: daily rate

The blood should receive 500-1000 mg of calcium inday. If the calcium in the food and body is inadequate, the bones become brittle, the skeleton is deformed, the teeth are damaged, the structure of the blood vessels changes, the blood coagulability is reduced. Excess of calcium is not dangerous, the element along with urine is excreted from the body.

Calcium is especially necessary for pregnant women, thereforeFuture mothers are advised to eat cottage cheese and fish three times a week. Infant babies receive calcium along with mother's milk, although its amount is small - on the day the kids get 240-300 mg, while they absorb only 66%. The same children who are on artificial feeding, receive with milk formulas up to 400 mg of calcium per day, from which they absorb about 50%. At 4-5 months of age, the body of babies requires lures and cereals, which contain calcium.

What foods contain calcium?

With age, children may appear dislike forDairy products. Do not despair. If the baby does not like dairy products, then it is necessary to include in the diet for children eggs, legumes, fish, nuts, oatmeal and dried fruits.

In addition, it is necessary that the child's food is rich in phosphorus, calcium salts and vitamin D. These elements are found in seafood, beef and fish liver, egg yolk (cheese) and butter.

Both calcium and phosphorus are found in fresh cucumbers, legumes, many sorts of cheese, cottage cheese, green peas, apples, lettuce, celery, radish.

If the baby is allergic to calcium or lack ofThis element in the body, he is recommended to take drugs containing carbonate or calcium citrate, they will help maintain a sufficient level of calcium in the blood. Help and other nutritional supplements or combination drugs. One of the most popular drugs - "Calcium D3 Nycomed", it contains the optimal combination of vitamin D3 and calcium. It should be remembered that the drug is taken after a meal, not before eating.

A rich and varied diet will provide the child with the necessary amount of calcium, so important for his growing body.

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