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The essence and content of home education


Yes, perhaps, really, first you need to answer the question about the essence and content of home education, in order to understand what will be the best for the child.

The concept of home education, first of all,Implies that the child is taught by the parents themselves. Of course, there are many advantages in this. For example, a mom or dad can develop a plan for themselves, build them so that the baby is interested. In home schooling, only parents are in charge of the process. They are never mentioned. However, in order to qualitatively train your son or daughter, you need to be able to adequately assess their capabilities. Remember that the child will not get a good education if you start overestimating his results. Of course, children need praise and support, but one should never talk about things that are not really there. The essence of home education is that parents must assume all the functions of a teacher. And this means being strict, competent in all directions. It is necessary to think about how many years you will be able to teach the child yourself. If the stock of knowledge allows you to teach it to the graduating class, then dare. But, if you can give him only a basic education, it's worth thinking about. The fact that the child will be difficult enough to fit into the already formed team. Of course, first-graders also have a hard time. But they are all on an equal footing. They all have to get acquainted, learn to communicate and so on. But when a child comes to school in the fifth grade, not having the skills to communicate with classmates, it can be very difficult for him in a new team.

All training is on the shoulders of parents

Also, do not forget that if youChoose the form of home schooling, then the child will need to devote almost all free time. When a child comes from school, where he receives a standard education, parents need only help him to do their homework. In this case, double or triple loading falls on the shoulders of the mother or father. Therefore, the home education can only be dealt with in those families where one of the parents is engaged in a house. The fact is that the child, accustomed to the home environment, will not sit "from the bell to the bell", as it happens in the school. After all, he is not a strict teacher, who can make a bad entry in his diary, but his beloved mother or beloved father. So be prepared for inattention, whims, insults, a constant desire to rest. You need to have a lot of patience and a talent for pedagogy to make the child learn as much time as he does at school. If you yourself begin to "take positions" and postpone something for tomorrow, then from such an education no one will be better off. After all, the content of education at home is that the child gets more knowledge than in school, and less stress.

By the way, some children just do not fithome schooling. And it does not depend on the level of development and intelligence. It's just that they have such an essence. The guys can work and become interested only in the team, and also obey only the school discipline. Therefore, if you see that your child does not want anything and does not want to teach with you for several years, then it is worth forgetting about home education. The fact is that the school instills the concept of "must", which is not realized by every child at home.

Lack of communication in the team

And it's worth remembering about psychological stress. Yes, of course, everyone wants to protect their baby from the experience. Therefore, we are so afraid that the teacher will treat him incorrectly, do not understand him, can not teach him so that the child can understand the material. But, on the other hand, the child needs to learn to live in a team. Even if he graduates from school, studying at home, he still has to study permanently at the university. And then there can be problems with communication. Yes, of course, modern schools have many disadvantages, but, on the other hand, everyone must learn how to fight for their opinions and defend the point of view. And no matter how difficult the child was not in the team, it is he who tempers and teaches to fight, communicate, be friends, in this there is a certain content of school education. Perhaps some parents had a bad schooling experience associated with teachers and classmates. Naturally, such people do not want their children to suffer. However, you can try to choose a school, which, in your opinion, will suit the child best.

So, if you draw a line, the essence andThe content of home-based education is that parents can choose the form of presentation, the time of classes, and have the opportunity to study more intensively subjects that are poorly given to the child. But, on the other hand, they need to devote a lot of time to this, be patient, adequately assess knowledge and really be able to teach. Therefore, if you are not afraid of such responsibility and think that your child will not be cut off from society, then home education may well suit you.

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