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If the child falls ill on vacation

First of all, if the child falls ill onRest, pay attention to such symptoms, which must surely alert you: high fever, severe pain, incessant crying, trouble with breathing, stool, indomitable vomiting and rash! Even if you are on vacation, do not self-medicate! It is in this case, when a child is sick at such a time, it is better to be safe than to miss symptoms of illness and hope that everything will pass quickly. Remember that catching an infection on a rest is easy for a kid to do! By the way, and do not immediately pack your bags and go home, this you just will not be wasting time, and the baby who got sick, the road can give complications. Do not make hasty conclusions and actions without consulting a specialist.


During the rest, high fever in the baby canCause a number of factors: supercooled in cold water, overheated in the sun, climate change and so on. If the child has a fever above 38 degrees, try to knock it off with paracetamol (by the way, when you go with your child to rest, remember that without a first aid kit and the medications you need in it, you better not just go). But on the head of the baby it is necessary to put a cold compress. You can also wrap a child around with a cold sheet.

Necessarily: in the event that the temperature grows and does not fall off, do not hesitate with a call to an ambulance. Such symptoms may indicate that an inflammatory process has begun in the baby's body.

Bleeding from the nose.

As a rule, it can begin because the babySpent a lot of time in the sun or was very tired over the day. You need to comfortably sit crumbs, tilt your head forward a little, while holding the body straight, unbutton the collar and waistband of the baby. Clean the nasal cavity from the clots of blood and mucus formed there. Clamp the nostrils for five minutes, put a cold compress on the nose and neck. If after all the bleeding still does not stop, call a doctor.

Be sure: remember that tipping the head back to the child is strictly prohibited, since the blood can get into the respiratory tract.


The reasons are the same: water, sun and even allergies. But most often such coughing attacks begin at night from bronchitis or ARVI. From the contact of the cold and the hot body in the sun, the immune system, as a rule, gets a lot of stress. So the child's long stay in the water, ice cream and cold drinks, being in wet clothes and even drafts - this all causes a cold disease.

So, the child is ill with a cold: give the child vitamin E, and let him drink plenty of water during the day. If possible, make a glass of warm milk with a teaspoon of soda and steam inhalation.

Necessarily: if a formidable cough does not pass, consult a specialist.

Intestinal infections, vomiting.

From this no one is immune, and even yourbaby, whose diet you choose clearly. But a child can often, without washing his hands, eat an apple or a candy, and pathogenic viruses, especially on holiday, this is an ordinary thing.

If the child has started a single vomiting orliquid stool, remember that this phenomenon is not critical, but quite alarming. But if the crumbs of these symptoms are repeated and accompanied by a stomach pain and temperature, call a doctor!

It is best before the doctor does not give the babyfood and try to induce vomiting. To prevent dehydration, give your child plenty of drink. If everything works out, let the child stay on a diet for a couple of days: do not use dairy, fresh vegetables and fruits, juices from them.

Necessarily: in case of severe food poisoning, call, without delay, "ambulance".

Foreign bodies in the nose and throat.

There are all, especially when the child is on vacationSpends a lot of time playing one. The main symptoms in this case are: cough, choking, blue lips may appear. In this case, in order to provide first aid, very little time.

You need, without delay, to turn overchild upside down, hit several times between the shoulder blades. If this does not help, grab it with your hands, standing behind your back, and very sharply push on the pancreas.

Required: remember that in no case you can knock on the back without turning the baby over, but to remove foreign bodies from the nose, if it is deep, it is not worth it yourself. It is necessary to immediately go to the clinic.


Heat and sun are not the best friends of the baby. Even after 6-8 hours after being in the sun, the child may have a severe headache.

Massage the baby's area of ​​the temples, between the eyebrows and the middle of the occiput for two minutes. This will certainly ease his condition.

Required: If the baby feels unwell and begins to darken in his eyes, immediately take him to the room. If you are on the beach, put a linen shirt on the child, as this material has effective thermoregulatory properties.

And best of all, when you will control the stay of your child in the sun, in the water and even indoors!

Know that in some cases, when your babysick on vacation, the best solution can be an immediate examination of the doctor. Only this can affect the favorable prognosis and avoid undesirable complications! After all, a child's disease can start suddenly, and here any infection is dangerous. Remember about this, and then nothing can overshadow your rest with your baby!

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