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The work of a psychologist in an elementary school

Identifying problems

In order to understand what the job isPsychologists in primary school, it is necessary to determine what functions the psychologist performs and in which cases he can help. To do this, let's talk about what kind of stresses children are subjected to in school. The modern educational process initially gives a big load. Working in classrooms and homework became more complicated. Therefore, in an elementary school for children, it is often difficult to remember all the necessary amount of knowledge. Because of this, their stresses are dispelled, complexes begin to appear. Moreover, if a teacher working with a class chooses the wrong model of training: constantly praises the best, and at the same time, always scolds the worst. In this case, in collectives begins a kind of division into "classes", which, in the end, can grow into oppression. In addition, modern children receive very large access to information. The Internet provides an opportunity to learn almost everything. However, this amount of information can bring not only benefits, but also harm, especially to a weak child's mind. The work of the psychologist in the school is to help the children to adapt, to understand the new information they receive and, as a result, to form as a normal, adequately developed personality.

In elementary school, the psychologist is obliged to carefullyKeep an eye on children to prevent departures from reality or nervous breakdowns. And this, by the way, happens much more often than we might think. It's just that parents do not always notice this, writing off for absent-mindedness and overwork. But the psychologist should in time determine the first symptoms of such psychological breakdowns and do everything so that the child does not feel at school, as if on hard labor.

Games and training for children

The most common problems with adaptation andPsychological stability have children who have problems in the family, introvert children and children with unstable psyche. For such schoolchildren, a psychologist needs to pay attention first. For this, psychological diagnosis of all junior students is carried out. With the help of tests that are played out to make the child interested and answered, the psychologist determines with which children the psychological work is necessary. In order to help the child, the school psychologist can organize special groups for communication. They include children who have an unstable psyche or problems in communicating with classmates.

Also, to these groups of children from time to timeCan be joined by children, who manifested a so-called situational emotional disorder. In such groups, psychologists conduct a variety of trainings, which are presented in the form of various games. With the help of exercises, a psychologist can determine the psychological capabilities of each child, then to have an idea of ​​which direction it is to work with. After that, children are taught to communicate with each other, based on respect for the interlocutor. If the child is closed, he develops empathy through special training and games that help to relax and establish contact with other members of the group. Also, closed children, often, are not communicable. For them, children's psychologists also have sets of exercises that help them learn to express themselves easily and simply, freely communicate with other children, and be able to listen.

Despite the fact that child psychologistsHave to work with kids, they use a lot of techniques that are used for adults. But, of course, with some changes. The child psychologist teaches the child to independently determine the problem, place emphasis, look for ways to resolve and draw conclusions. When the work takes place in a group, children all together think about the problems of their comrades, offer their options for their solution. And the psychologist, in turn, explains what you can do, what you can not and why. School psychologists often communicate with children on topics they do not speak to teachers. These include relationships with parents, relationships with classmates, behavior in a stressful situation, a school program, workload and much more. With proper work with children, they quickly begin to calmly discuss such things with a psychologist, share their experiences and thoughts. Based on this, the psychologist can decide what exactly influenced the child's mental stability and develop an individual assistance program.

Main goals

One of the main tasks of a psychologist is the abilitySincerely interested in the problems of the child. Children very well feel falsehood and begin to close when they realize that their problems, in fact, do not bother anyone. But if the psychologist is working correctly, very soon his work will bear fruit. Children become more resistant to stress, they are able to analyze different situations and behavior of people, make decisions, make the right conclusions on their own. Children with whom a psychologist works, gradually begin to consciously choose those behaviors that are least likely to harm others. Therefore, it can be concluded that the post of school psychologist is necessary because it helps children to adapt to adult life.

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