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Sweating of feet in children: a folk remedy

The causes of sweating of the feet

Children from birth to year

At kids till one year of a handle and legs or pinches sweatBecause of unstable heat transfer. Therefore, if the baby is comfortable and he feels well, does not act up and shows no concern, then parents should not be particularly worried.

Children from one to two years old

If sweating pains the baby at the age of one yearUp to 2 years, then the real cause is rickets, so parents need to pay special attention to this. Usually, with time, when the baby becomes older, parents are not so anxious about the development of rickets. And in vain, because at this very moment the disease can begin its rapid development, and the sweating of the child's limbs is its first signal. Therefore it is very important, regardless of how the kid feels, to prevent this disease before the child is 5 years old.

If a child experiences severe sweating of the handsOr legs, you need to start giving him vitamin D. But before that, the baby should be shown to the pediatrician, since you can not prescribe a dose of the vitamin alone.

In the summer, children will be usefulRelax somewhere closer to the sea. Air, impregnated with ions, scattered sunlight, sea bathing - an indispensable means to prevent rickets. In the winter it will be possible to resemble ultraviolet irradiation sessions.

Children over two years old

If sweating of feet in children is observed moreYou should consult an endocrinologist and check the thyroid gland functioning, as well as pass an analysis for the presence of worms, since the waste of the vital activity of the latter is released outward along with the human afterwards.

Hardening and physical exercises can becomegood assistants in the prevention of this ailment, as among the main causes that affect sweating - a violation in the work of the cardiovascular system.

If you are sure that your baby is absolutelyhealthy, then the cause of sweating of the legs is heredity. In this case, with age, it will gradually decrease. And until then temper the baby: spend at the beginning of the day and at the end of pouring feet with water at first room temperature, and then gradually reducing it.

Folk remedy and tips for removing sweating of limbs in children

Folk way of treatment

Before going to bed carefully my baby's feet with a child'ssoap, dry them with a towel, especially between the fingers, and then sprinkled with powder from the oak bark and put on clean cotton socks for the whole night. In the morning, my feet are a little warm water.


1. Do not buy baby socks and pantyhose from synthetics, since synthetics is one of those environments where germs prefer to live, and, moreover, in such pantyhose the skin of the child does not breathe at all.

2. In summer, as often as possible, let the child run barefoot at home. It promotes hardening, eliminates excessive sweating of the extremities. And in general, try to keep the baby running in the winter not in slippers, but in warm socks.

3. Carefully ensure that the baby's legs are "breathing" in the shoes. Often change it, as it should dry, insoles and feet in shoes should always remain dry. Children's shoes try to buy only from natural materials.

Therapeutic massage from sweating of feet

In the morning after awakening, massage the baby's legs,gently squeeze them, apply pressure, rub them until a slight redness appears. You can use for these purposes a special foot massager: wooden, with rubber spikes, or other massage aids that are sold in stores. Massage should be done for at least 10 minutes. We repeat the same massage in the evening before going to bed.

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