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What to do with the child's leisure time

What is the correct leisure of the child? Of course, parents want their children to be fully developed. Today there is a huge number of different educational games, in schools there are all kinds of newfangled objects.

Your child is in primary school.

1. Go straight home. Some parents prefer that their childImmediately after school went home, there he ate, called them. Of course, my mother's home dinner is much more delicious than school meals. And it's a good idea to spend some time in silence. But here there is a problem how to keep track of the child, so that he can rest, he does not idle. And then to the arrival of parents, the child, having reviewed all the broadcasts on TV, or sitting at the computer all the time, the tired only starts to start the lessons. Force of will is far from every schoolboy. And it will not help if you call every minute and find out if he did math. In this case, it is best to agree in advance, at what time lessons should be made. Yes, and it will not hurt to establish a penalty for failure. In addition, the child must help around the house. Discuss in advance - go to the store, peel potatoes, wash dishes, etc.

2. Prolonged. When the house has a grandmother with a grandfather whoCan control the child, then it's great. And if not? When parents are at work all day, and there is no one to look after the child, staying in the student's extension is just an exit for the parents. Before the arrival of parents, the child does not leave school. Under the supervision of a teacher-educator, the child will do the lessons. If necessary, the teacher will help you to do your homework. The expediency of the time spent here directly depends on the teacher. Prolongers usually work on the principle of: having dinner, walking outside, doing homework in the classroom. In the group of the extended day take all comers. Most schools conduct interest classes. It can be music, drawing, etc. If you record a child in an extension, he can visit such circles in his spare time. So he will be under control and in action.

3. Extracurricular activities. The purpose of classes in sections or circles is to takeFree time for students, to interest them. Usually in September children's art houses spend open days. You and your child can attend these classes, take a closer look. It happens that the child simultaneously decided to enroll in almost 10 groups at once. Do not let this frighten you. Let it be recorded and begin to visit. Just a month, he will be able to decide. Somewhere he does not like it that much. Somewhere it will not work or the schedule of visiting the mug will not suit you. As a result, there will be 2-3 mugs or sections. If you find that the child has all the days written down by the minute, do not let that frighten you. Such a load only disciplined, will help to organize your time correctly. It is known that a pupil who has a full week of school and extracurricular activities has time to learn and is better at school.

How to organize the leisure time of a high school student?

To your child felt the love of his parents,You need to spend at least a couple of hours together with him. Psychologists have long noticed that when parents with children play, watch TV, listen to songs, they unite with their children. If your child spends all his free time at the computer, then this once again indicates that the parents do not have time or the desire to spend it on the child. Try to interest the child with some hobbies. Psychologists argue that the classes that bringPleasure, are an excellent protection against any personal adversity. That's why it's so important to seriously approach the issue, what do you do for leisure? Here we must proceed from the nature of the child, his desires and interests. What are only circles of interest do not offer out-of-school work centers. This drawing, felting out of wool, various craft studios, vocal studios, you can try your hand at the stage, etc.

Sports and dancing. Why not try yourself in some formSport. For example, aikido. The name is beautiful and unaccustomed. Aikido is a struggle that will perfectly suit both boys and girls. Aikido teaches both inner harmony and the ability to stand up for themselves in any situation. Here, every child will achieve great results. There are many kinds of sports for every taste. The main thing is to visit them with enthusiasm. A beautiful and useful pastime is a visit to the ballroom dance section. Ballroom dancing attracts not only girls, but also boys. Ballroom dancing will teach a child not only to move beautifully, Feel the music, but also keep the posture well. But the main thing is not to force to visit the pool, if the child dreams of doing music and, conversely, vice versa.

Intellectual leisure of the child. As for intellectual leisure, forEvery child should have mental rest. This will be the basis of new knowledge. A person must be fully developed. It's good if the child is interested in playing chess or checkers. These games are able to develop the child's mathematical abilities. No desire to engage in chess and checkers? Try to be interested in playing the monopoly. Even the game of mosaics develops not only the mechanics of the fingers, but also attention, logical thinking.

We advise you to pay attention to the alternationVarious entertainment on time. Every hobby has its own time. So, for example, for intelligent games, the best time is from 3 to 5 hours of the day. At this time, the brain is best able to concentrate attention. In the evening, it is best to practice sports with a child. Separate active and passive leisure, and then the child will grow up healthy and intelligent person.

Any mugs are good in their own way, but the main thing is thatThey brought joy to the child. Do not seek to fill out the child's free time. After all, he also needs to have a personal time. It is in free time that the child learns the world, reflects. Everything is good in moderation.

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