/ Why does your child often feel dizzy?

Why does your child often feel dizzy?

What makes your head spin?

To be in balance, normalA person needs to receive signals from the vestibular apparatus, proprioceptive and visual system into the brain. Then the signals, having turned into pulses emanating from the cerebral cortex, follow the muscles of the body and create stability to the human body, as well as the proper location of the eyeballs. If there is a violation of the arrival of impulses, a feeling of illusion of the movement of objects or of one's body occurs.

Many people confuse the term "dizziness"Understanding under it a state of faintness, fainting, a feeling of "lightness in the head." These symptoms are peculiar to the approach of fainting, accompanied by pallor, increased heart rate, sweating of the palms, and caused, for example, by hypertension or disease of the cardiovascular system. The head can spin in connection with the pathology of the inner ear, which determines the vertical arrangement of the body. Dizziness can also cause a brain tumor.

Why does the child have dizziness?

If the child is dizzy, and often,Take him to the doctor-pediatrician. After the examination, the doctor will prescribe a treatment or further examination. But if as a result the disease is not found, your child seems to be healthy, and dizziness continues, then try to help yourself get rid of this ailment.

1. In the children's room at night leave a small light. A child from dizziness in a dream can wake up, with the light on, he will concentrate on some subject, which will help to keep his balance.

2. If suddenly the child started dizzy in the bathroom after bathing, then do not wrap it, give it a drink of cool water and put it on the bed.

3. If the child begins to feel dizzy from hunger, then before feeding, let him drink compote or mors. Do not give tea, cocoa, coffee, as they contain caffeine, which can cause even greater dizziness.

4. Some medicines or combinations of them may cause dizziness. Be sure to follow the first aid kit so that it is not available to the child. Do not allow the child to take and take the pill himself, when he is ill, let him.

5. The head can spin from an allergic reaction, for example, to animal hair, pollen of plants, to any food.

6. Perhaps dizziness and fatigue, if the child has long sat in one position in a stuffy room. You need to close the textbooks, remove the books, toys and send the child for a walk. While he is in the yard to run and jump with friends, ventilate the rooms.

What should I do if my child is dizzy?

1. In case of severe dizziness, the child should be laid. Try not to change the position of the body until the malaise passes. Buy an antihistamine in the pharmacy, which is sold without a prescription, and let's in such cases. This drug treats seasickness.

2. If the head is spinning in the vehicle (bus, car), tell the child to focus on the fixed object.

3. It is useful to know one simple but effective exercise to eliminate this condition - sit down, pull your arm forward and concentrate your eyes on your thumb.

4. To get rid of this ailment it will be useful to do an easy sport, such as swimming, or some kind of martial arts. Help to get rid of dizziness, smooth ballroom dancing, jogging and walking in the fresh air.

If the baby's giddiness continues, andBecome frequent and long, it is necessary to consult a doctor. If the head is spinning from a disease, a received injury, or from the use of toxic substances, then it is urgent to find out the cause of such a condition. In this case, the treatment is prescribed only by a doctor.

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