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Church rites: the baptism of a child

Why baptize a child?

From the Christian point of view, there is only oneThe reason for the adoption of the Sacrament of Baptism is true faith. All other motives here can, at best, accompany, but do not replace it. For example, it is unacceptable to baptize a child for the sake of fashion or at the insistence of relatives, if the parents themselves are not ready for this step.

Choosing a name for baptism

The Russian Orthodox Church gives the newly baptizedThe names of the already glorified saints. This is done so that a small Christian has his own prayer book and intercessor in the face of God. Often even before the baptism, the name of the newborn is chosen and its availability is checked by Orthodox saints.

But sometimes it happens that the parents tooThey chase after the originality and choose a name for the kid that is not and never was in the church calendar. There will already have to consult a confessor and choose an Orthodox name, suitable in accordance with consonance and meaning. Usually chosen is that heavenly patron whose memory is celebrated not long after the birthday of a small Christian.

This day is celebrated in a special way. It is called "Name Day". Parents should definitely confess and take communion on this day, in order to witness their unity with the Church.

Choosing the Godparents

You can not choose kulaks for anything, according to theirGenerosity, social status or pleasantness during the feast. Remember that the main task of the godparents will be to pray for the child, trying to educate him in the Orthodox faith. The very godmother for this is to be deeply religious and responsible people.

For the proper or unworthy performance of theirThey will have to answer to God, according to the Bible, no less than for their own children. If the godparents or parents have a lack of knowledge in the Orthodox upbringing of the child, they must necessarily come to a conversation with the priest.

The practice of announcing conversations has long been included in theThe Orthodox Church has become almost an obligatory part of the preparation for the rite of baptism. Therefore, one must be prepared for the fact that the godparents or native parents will be invited several times to the church to talk about the foundations of the Orthodox faith.

From this it follows that one can not elect croniesUnbaptized, atheists, followers of a different religion and Christian denomination. It is not customary to baptize the same child with a spouse. However, this is an ambiguous moment.

Often, the role of godparents choose relativesRelatives who live at the other end of the country. They rarely visit a child, even a christening can sometimes come only for one day. Making such a choice, think: how can such parents bring up your child?

There are also a lot of superstitions around the choice of cronies,Most of which are not based on anything. The Church does not forbid the unmarried girl to baptize the girl first. There is absolutely nothing wrong with baptizing the children of close friends who are your child's godchildren. At the same time, there is no "splitting". You can be a godfather to any of the relatives of the child, except his own parents.

Just keep in mind that the girl is allowedBe a godmother from 13, and a boy - from 15 years. But, according to worldly laws, it is better to select a godfather of such age that he could match the status of the parent. This will make the real task of educating the godson.

What to bring to church

Depending on the age of the baby, which will beBaptize, bring with you a baptismal shirt or raspashonku, diaper or towel. Need, of course, and a cross. If you do not plan to purchase it in the temple, then on the eve of baptism it will have to be sanctified. It is important to make sure that the cross is made in accordance with the canons of the Church. If a cross was purchased in a church shop, then nothing should be done with it.


Any donations, including the temple,Given at the performance of the Sacrament, are absolutely voluntary. And the amount, called in the church shop, is exemplary. Therefore, if this amount is unbearable, just go to the abbot, and most likely he will agree to perform the Sacrament free of charge.

But, before doing this, it is worth considering,As far as the requested donations exceed the cost of the festive table. Remember how often we donate to the temple in everyday life. Then decide, do you consider it necessary to continue the existence of this particular church. It is from your voluntary donations that this existence depends.

After all, such an event as baptism happens only once in the life of our children. And in the costs of it, all relatives, including cronies, take an active part.

When to Come to Baptism

As a rule, such church rituals are performed inSaturday and Sunday. Also on some church holidays. If you need to baptize the child on another day, then it is necessary to agree on this in advance with the priest or the temple employee. This can be done beforehand on the phone of the church where you wish to baptize the baby. There are temples in which the Sacraments of baptism are performed every day.

The time of the beginning of the christening is specified in advance in the workingtime. It is better to arrive ahead of time to have time to write out a certificate, make a registration of a metric record, choose a cross, etc. Late for the Sacrament is unacceptable! So you will make the wait not so much for the priest as for the followers who wish to be baptized. And then there can be very small children.

What to do after baptism

Like all rituals, baptism has its own rules. For example, after him, in the near future, you need to take communion yourself and receive the baby. Children under the age of 7 take communion without preparation. And more adults need to tell the godparents how to prepare for Communion. The temple staff will always help in this.

Remember that baptism is only the beginning of Christian life. Since then, the opportunity to resort to other saving Sacraments of the Church is open. Use it to save your souls.

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