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What piano to choose for a child?

But to provide the child with suchadvantages, parents need to choose a good instrument, in particular a piano, and attach their child to the world of music. For children, you need to find a simple, inexpensive, but high-quality and reliable tool.

It is important to combine two important factors: first, the child must from the first dayform the right musical skills, and the instrument must be of high quality. So that the note before was really a note before, and secondly, many children after a couple of years throw up the music, and parents have to sell an expensive instrument, so do not immediately throw out a lot of money for a new instrument.

Buying such an expensive toolnecessarily bring a musical mood to your house, but you need to take into account the opinions of professionals in choosing a tool so as not to be disappointed with the time in their purchase.

Definition of musical styles.

The first step will always be the definition of musical styles, which will be preferred to be performed on the piano. You need a musical tone that matches your expectation.

Where to put the piano?

It is also important to immediately think about where the place will betool, what color is better to pick it, and how bulky it can be. Of course, these are not the main factors in choosing a tool, but it will not be appropriate to put a white, elegant piano in a room of simple home style.

Buying a piano in a company store.

It's best to come in a branded musicalshop, choose a piano where many different kinds of this instrument are presented for sale, representatives of different companies, with different tonalities and sharpness of sound, and only after listening to several dozen instruments you will be able to choose the right one.

Supported piano for little Mozart.

Also one option would be to buysupported piano for the child. It can be found by ads in the newspaper, or in online stores and auctions. There are a lot of such offers, because not every child continues to learn music, someone ceases to be interested, and someone has matured for a more serious instrument. In finding a tool - there is no problem, but to choose from them a quality one - you need to do some actions.

First you need to carefully examine all the detailspiano. The mechanics inside must in no case be blackened or dusty, water also detrimental to the sound of the instrument, rusty strings and pegs indicate unfavorable conditions for storing the piano, and traces from different objects mean that the piano did not have sufficient care. Of course, the appearance is not the main thing, but a well-groomed tool is much nicer.

We test and tune the piano.

The next step is to become acquainted withsound of the instrument. It is necessary to lose, listening, every key - the sound must be solid, monotonous. If you hear that when you press a key, the sound changes - this indicates a problem with the pins. Do not take such a tool. If you do not have a good hearing, or you can not understand how one key should sound, take a knowledgeable person, because this is very important.

Also need to pay attention to the keys of smalloctave, the one that is to the right. Here the pegs are at a minimum distance and can touch each other, which in the end gives the simultaneous sound of several notes.

The keys to the left, those referred to as bass, should sound just as loud and sonorous as the rest. It happens that the keys are sinking, this factor is corrected, and it should not be feared.

The final decision should be taken along withtuner, which will be able to conduct more professional analysis of the tool. And do not treat the choice of the piano too lightly, the musical development of the child depends on you. If you make a mistake and buy a little cheaper, but less quality, then you can ruin your child's musical ear. A quality fully working tool is as important as a functioning car.

Of course, you can find it with friends or relativesthe old piano, on which my grandmother played, but we must remember its quality. Too old tools are not suitable for playing, their place among antiques or memorabilia. Now you know how to choose a musical instrument for your child.

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