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Useful tips for boys and girls

The very first sign of insecurityIs the unwillingness to achieve the desired only because of fear of failing. Many adolescents pre-adjust themselves to a negative outcome, are afraid to suffer defeat, are afraid of ridicule on the part of their peers. Dear boys and girls, remember that there were failures at everyone, even among world famous artists and sciences, but, nevertheless, these people did not lose faith in themselves and continued to try and comprehend something new, achieving great success. Therefore, it is not terrible to fail, in general, to sit back and not to make any attempts. Cautious people eventually lose faith in themselves, and all because of the fact that they, obeying their fears, missed many opportunities. Another sign of uncertainty is the desire to imitate others, not to differ from someone, considering the arguments of others more convincing than their own. Unfortunately, such adaptability can lead to a number of negative consequences - the use of alcohol, drugs, cigarette smoking, working on the principle of "everyone does that", so self-doubt can become dangerous for adolescent health.

Many boys and girls in adolescenceConsider themselves uninteresting, that is why they embellish and invent things that, in fact, are not so important - their connections and acquaintances, the presence of any things or objects. In the life of every teenager there met peers telling about their numerous admirers, who, in fact, do not. Do not demand any evidence from these guys, because they simply do not exist, and girls and boys compose these stories to rise in the eyes of their peers and impress them. However, in most cases, later, they themselves suffer from their lies and lose their self-respect, and losing their self-esteem is far more tragic than the fear of becoming unpopular in their company.

Some adolescents tend to dress, leadThemselves in a society, joking and imitating someone, in a word, be like someone else. This is also a sign of insecurity, when teenagers constantly compare themselves with others. Do not give in to this desire, because it means that the teenager attaches greater importance to others than his own self. Own value in such a comparison is determined in comparison with the value of another person, but it would be better to evaluate oneself based on one's own dignity, abilities and interests. You need to rejoice that all people are unique in their own way, and you can hardly find someone else like you, and when you begin to realize your own importance, the desire to imitate someone will disappear by itself. Where does uncertainty come from? Is it really given from birth and getting rid of it is not possible! Of course not, self-doubt can arise in every person, regardless of his character and personal qualities. For example, crisis situations such as parents' divorce, death of a loved one, insult, illness or any extreme situation. Also, the lack of self-confidence can be the absence of a leader or mentor. Relieve of uncertainty is necessary at the first opportunity! Remember that even the famous Albert Einstein failed miserably to pass the exams.

So, below are tips for boys and girls who want to overcome self-doubt, follow them quite simply:

  • Find in yourself positive traits. What are your qualities? What do you do best? Reflect on your achievements.
  • Do not compare yourself with others, set your own standards for yourself.
  • Do not make superhuman claims, remember that there are no ideal people. It is better to relax and try to accept yourself as you are.
  • Find a hobby for yourself. Be engaged in what will bring pleasure and a sense of pride.
  • Believe in yourself and your abilities, more oftenCheer yourself up with phrases such as "I can," "I can do it," "I'll succeed," with such phrases you will not only make yourself more confident, but also significantly improve your mood.
  • Do not hesitate to take compliments. Despite the embarrassment, make their sincere adoption a useful habit.
  • Feel free to communicate with people.
  • Courage and endurance will help to achieve success.
  • Learn to stand up for yourself and your own opinion.
  • Look for positive qualities in others. Give others sincere compliments.
  • Try to have only positive people in your environment. Our friends and acquaintances have a huge influence on us. Choose friends who know how to enjoy life.
  • Think about your future only positively. Imagine your future life only in good quality, think positively.
  • Be resolute in deeds and deeds.
  • Do not pay serious attention to failure, but always praise yourself for something that you have successfully coped with.
  • Avoid self-hatred and self-criticism. Never before has a sense of guilt and self-flagellation contributed to the achievement of high results.
  • Know how to start the business, the success from it will lift you above the others.
  • Smile more often! Smile is the best way to tell the world about your perfect location!

Very soon, the reward will be confidence, faith inYourself, pride and many other qualities that will become your faithful companions after you say "farewell" to your uncertainty. To succeed, to begin with, you need to want and see from small opportunities great prospects. It all depends on you and your mood for a happy life. You will succeed!

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