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Salt bath for children

Salt baths.
For children older than six months, use saltBaths in the treatment of rickets. To prepare a salt bath, take 100 grams of table salt or sea salt and dissolve in 10 liters of water. Take a bath for ten minutes. After the bath, the baby is watered with plain water. For a baby, a course of treatment consists of twenty baths, do 3 times a week. These baths are contraindicated in skin diseases, children weakened and depleted.

Coniferous baths.
Apply for insomnia, increasedExcitability, hypotrophy, rickets. For two buckets of water take a dessert spoon of pine extract. The bath lasts 10 minutes. The bath temperature should be 36 degrees Celsius. Do twenty baths, every other day. When rickets are used baths - two buckets of water, with the addition of a tablespoon of pine extract and 200 grams of salt.

Starch baths
Do to reduce itching, irritation, forTreatment of skin diseases. Take 3 tablespoons of potato flour and dilute it with cold water, boil with boiling water, then dissolve in a bucket of water. The bath lasts ten minutes, at a temperature of 37 degrees Celsius. Then the child should be dried, do not rub.

Soda baths For the treatment of skin diseases. You need to take a tablespoon of soda and dissolve in a bucket of water. The bath lasts ten minutes. You do not need to rub the child.

Baths with potassium permanganate Use if there are pustular diseases on the skin, 10 ml of potassium permanganate are dissolved in a bucket of water.

Mustard baths For children are used in the treatment of pneumonia,Pulmonary bronchitis. On a bucket of water put 50 grams of dry mustard, pounded and put in a bath in a gauze bag. The bath temperature is 37 degrees, the bath lasts five minutes. Then the baby is showered with warm water.

Hot baths For the treatment of children who are sick with pyuria,Bronchitis, pneumonia. The temperature of such a bath is 37 degrees. The child is put in such a bath, and brought to a temperature of 38 degrees Celsius, lasting five minutes. Then the baby is covered with heated sheets. In the bath on the head of the baby put a cotton napkin, which must be moistened with warm water. Children with heart failure are not allowed to take hot baths.

Bath for a child is not only a hygienic procedure. Baths have a curative effect, and are good substitutes for different medications.

About soothing and salt baths.

- If the baby has atopic dermatitis, it is useful to add a broth of string, celandine, to the water, they dry the skin.

- That the child does not have an allergy, you can not mix more than 3 components.

- Bath with decoction of flax seeds (add 5 ounces of water to 250 grams, bring to a boil and filter), this bath will soothe your baby's skin with dermatitis.

- If the child is easily excited, he is bathed in a conifer bath for 2 weeks, for 10 liters of water take strips of briquettes or a teaspoon of extract. The temperature of such a bath is 36 degrees Celsius.

For the first time, let the baby splash for five minutes, then increase the time to 10 minutes.

To encourage the child, use a salt bath for children.

To do this, in 10 liters of water, dilute two tablespoons of table salt or sea salt. Start the procedure from three minutes, then increase the time to 5 minutes. The course of the baths lasts 10 days.

Together with soothing baths, brew and take soothing teas. Then your child will sleep soundly at night and will always be in a great mood.

- "Just in case" do not add herbal decoction to the bath, sometimes excessive diligence can add problems.

- If the baby's skin is velvety, pink, clean, you can bathe it in plain water.

We know what saline baths are needed for your children. Health to your children!

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