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Children's horoscope by signs of the zodiac


All of the small water-lovers are united by one thing:rebels who want to do everything their own way. To ensure that the children of this sign do not show too much of their rebellious qualities, they need to be given some freedom of action. It is better to allow to run through puddles, dig through the ears in the sandbox, choose what to wear or with what toy today to go to sleep. Such children love to explore the world by collecting sticks, pebbles, acorns and glass. The children of this sign of the zodiac are extremely smart and often outstrip the development of their peers. It is for this reason that parents should regularly introduce the child to new games, books, toys, trying to develop the child's abilities all the time.


Children-Fishes are all very emotional andImpressive. They quickly react to changes in the world around them, noting all its features. To provide children with the necessary comfort, parents need to surround them with special care and affection. In addition, the house itself should be warm and cozy, as it is important for small fish to feel protected. Such water signs of the zodiac like music - it's easy to soothe this kid with a lullaby, but it's easy to upset or disrupt loud music and noise in the house.


Aries - big fidgets. They just love moving games, they need to splash out some of their energy. Always encourage their zeal to go in for sports, run around the park, walk. There must always be bright colors in the room of the ram, so that it feels good. Children-rams very early begin to strive for independence, without the help of adults. This should definitely be encouraged, but always be close to them, to come to the rescue as necessary.


Children-calves - the most stubborn creatures, unlikeother signs of the zodiac. They are very difficult to adapt to changes in life, so parents need to prepare such children in advance for changes, to introduce them to something new gradually. Taurus loves comfort in everything, it is important for them to create favorable conditions in the apartment. They love animals, so be prepared that suddenly one day your child will bring home a kitten or a puppy and beg you to leave it.


Twin children have a very sharp mind. They always need something to occupy. It is best to read books aloud, but at the same time to surround the baby with toys so that he can both play and listen. Twins are extremely curious about nature, they will attack you with hundreds of questions. Twins are generally chatterboxes, they often start talking before their peers.


Children of this sign are lovely and extremely vulnerable creatures,who have a strong connection with their mother throughout their lives. That's why the slightest parting with her, especially in early childhood, is perceived by the baby very painfully. To reassure little Cancer, it's enough just to hug him, stroke, kiss. The children's room needs to be decorated in quiet bed-clothes. Cancers are very "home" children, they like all the games that are connected with family and home. They are very good creatures, but it is important for parents not to suppress, but to develop this quality.

a lion

Lions are charming and joyful creatures. They want to be in the center of attention from childhood, so be prepared for their constant efforts to attract this very attention. Parents should encourage the leadership qualities of the Lion child, but the main thing here is not to overdo it, teach the baby to share with others, not to grow it selfish. Lvivs are born artists, they have a good imagination by nature, they have very developed creative abilities. It is important to help children develop talents with the help of plasticine, paints, clay, etc. Write together tales, different stories that develop their imagination.


Virgo is the most reserved, resourceful andhardworking sign from all that only contains a children's horoscope. Children-Virgo since childhood are striving to achieve something in life. The main task of parents is to help children set and achieve goals through different role plays. Little Virgins are often very fastidious in food, their menu from the childhood is better to try to diversify. Virgo likes cleanliness and order around, they will not feel good in a room where things and toys are scattered. They also do not tolerate dirty clothes, so be prepared to immediately disguise the baby as soon as it gets dirty.


Scales attract everyone's attention without exception. These children are very important to communicate, so allow them from childhood to play with their peers in the yard, as well as spending time with adults. These children, by virtue of their sociability, gain authority independently, they differ in their internal charm. Libra constantly needs to see that they are loved and appreciated. They love to dance, so you can think ahead of the way to the nearest dance school.


Scorpio children are extremely susceptible creatures. They are able to read emotions on your facial expressions and adequately respond to them. For this reason, it is very important to be able to restrain your anger and other negative feelings in front of such children. Little scorpions are constantly in search of their own way in this life. Parents should have great patience, directing their children in the right direction. Scorpions tend to get lost in a big company and look a bit intimidated. Parents should explain to the kid that he is safe and afraid of nothing.


Sagittarius - children, who are optimistic,sociability and curiosity. They are always happy to rush into the study of new terrain, toys or games. They quickly catch fire, but also quickly lose interest. They constantly need to offer something new. Read these children adventure literature to interest them.


As the horoscope on the signs of the zodiac,Capricorns - babies are very smart and somewhat idealistic. They are often told about them that they were born like old men, and then they "get younger" over the years. They are very executive, they always achieve their goal. Capricorns are rather erratic creatures, but they behave normally in the proper way. Their main problem is inability to relax and rest.

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