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In which circle to give the child

For any person, a hobby is an occupation in life,In which he can realize his abilities, become more confident in himself, find new friends. What will be interesting for your child? Classes in the pool, figure skating, a circle of modelers or tennis? It's better to decide together. Indeed, just at the end of August, various kinds of sports clubs and sections hold open days. Immediately pay attention to the location of the future children's circle: it is better if it is as close to home as possible. Ask the child what he would like to do. If last year he went to a circle or section, then find out if he wants to continue.

What will suit the intellectual

If your child is calm, if he is ableHours to do any one thing, try to offer him modeling as a hobby. Working with a bunch of small parts develops attention, makes independent decisions, and also fine motor skills are trained. If you want to develop your memory, strategic thinking and logic, give it to the chess club. Also suitable for billiards, but there are restrictions on age - from 12 years. Do not expect the child immediately great victories. Give him the opportunity to play for his own pleasure, and do not insist if this circle seems boring to him. Perhaps your child is more suitable for a circle of young naturalists.

Of great importance is in what circle to giveKid, play and his personal abilities and talents. If, for example, a child writes compositions on various topics with pleasure and expresses non-standard thoughts, then it should be written down in the circle of a young journalist. So a novice reporter or editor will try his hand in both oral and written genre. If a child is a real diplomat, and friends constantly run to him for advice, he will be interested in attending a psychology circle. If there are abilities for languages ​​- stop the choice on professional courses, and not on a simple school circle. After all, this business is serious, requiring a systematic approach!

If the child is seriously involved in one of the schoolObjects - you need to give the child to the appropriate circle. Now, such profile circles open not only at schoolchildren's homes, but also in schools themselves. Children, as a rule, like teachers, whose circle they attend. Hence the pleasure of attending school, and this is a considerable plus.

Sport sections

In summer, the child is given the opportunity toWalk and move, but in September the active time will end. A lot of lessons every day, doing homework, evenings at the TV screen or computer - that's what will accompany him in the school year. But for the normal development of the child, intellectual loads must necessarily be in harmony with the physical. Sport develops dexterity, strength, coordination of movements, self-confidence.

Simple lessons of physical education and even morning exercisesDo not fill the needs of the child in motion. If you still have not decided on the sports section, then it's time to do it. It is desirable that classes take place three to four times a week. Approach the selection of the section should always take into account the temperament of the child - because all motor functions are controlled by his nervous system.

Sanguine will find himself in sports, whereIt takes concentration. This is volleyball, tennis, team-group types. Choleric are more suitable for competitive sports: fencing, athletics, martial arts, swimming for speed, running. It is very important for him to be the first! If the child is a phlegmatic - choose the kinds of sports that do not require a quick reaction. It's dancing, swimming, aerobics, go-karting, yoga. Melancholic shows little physical activity with interruptions. This sports orienteering, shooting, oriental and ballroom dancing, as well as yoga.

Play and act!

Theater group or studio will help to open upCalm and balanced child. Too emotional child should not be given to such a studio - it can only undermine his nervous system. Classes are organized, more rehearsals, memorizing long texts by heart. So, if your son often presents himself as a superhero, and the daughter is Barbie or the Little Mermaid, then choose a theater group for them - such a circle of the child will develop, and entertain, and teach a lot.

If you want to send a child to study musicDiploma, then first find out if he has a desire to study music, as well as the necessary abilities. Play with him at the music school. The choice of the instrument is also important: let it remain for the child. And it is important to remember that the music school on the intensity of the load is often not inferior to the ordinary school. Therefore, already in the second or third year of education, a child often starts to rebel. To not bring to this, initially do not put impossible tasks before the child - say, achieve success, become a great musician to tour the whole world with tours. Explain that playing the guitar, for example, it will be the soul of any company. By the way, you can learn a musical instrument at home by hiring a private teacher.


Creative children, especially kinestetikam(Perceiving the world through touch, trying to touch everything), classes that bring real results are suitable. These children with equal pleasure will paint pictures on the batik, burn, draw, sculpt, make appliques, origami, sew soft toys, make jewelry from beads and even engage in cooking. Do not be discouraged if you can not find the appropriate circle. You can buy everything you need for crafts and study at home. This is how family hobbies come about!

Do not make the wrong choice!

Properly chosen hobby forms a child's character and will. After all, it's not so easy after six or seven lessons to get together and on a circle. Only for one this child is worthy of respect!

It is very important in the business of a hobby leader. Little children do not quite understand what they want, so they often go "to the teacher." Therefore, be guided by the opinion of the child, when you come with him to be recorded in a circle. Children perfectly feel people, for them primary psychological contact is important.

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