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How to catch a young mother

Usually a newly mum does not have timemanicure make or read your favorite book, but sometimes even feed your family dinner! Many people think this is natural, they say, how can you manage everything with a baby in your arms? However, everything is not so tragic. With the right approach, a woman is in a position not only to be in time everywhere, but even to have a little rest from her deeds.

Yes, in the first months of a child's life, a young motherreally only need to take care of the baby and yourself. All other cases during this period should be secondary. The first month of life is the most difficult time for the baby and mother, because the baby only adapts to the new environment, and the mother adapts to the baby. As soon as the child falls asleep - it is time to sleep and mum. No need to worry about the mess in the house, the husband will understand you, especially since it's for a short time. It is very important for the baby that there is a calm and rested mummy next to her, which, by the way, has a positive effect on lactation.

How to combine business

First, the young mother will need to think about,what can be done during a child's sleep, and what - during his wakefulness. For example, you can do a manicure, a pedicure, take a shower, sleep, do physical exercises only during the sleep of the child. But to wash the dishes, a little clean out in the apartment, do cooking, hang clothes, and then, when the baby does not sleep. So do not rush to run to the kitchen or take up a rag when the child falls asleep - it's better to take a little time yourself. So you can quickly and without nerves to put themselves in order.

Secondly, if there is a possibility of any businesscombine - be sure to use it! For example, you can talk on the phone while feeding, and during a walk - make the necessary purchases or chat with friends. Watching TV, you can iron, cook or wash dishes.

Do not hesitate to ask for help

Young mother is foolish to give up her husband's helpor close relatives. And if it's very difficult, do not wait for them to offer their help - ask for it! Ask to feed the baby, help atone, shake, play or walk outside. You, for this time, calmly take a shower, go shopping, make exercises or hair removal, cook dinner or sit on the Internet.

The most trivial requests, such asvacuuming, hanging clothes, take out the garbage, remove the toys for the baby, you can without any constraint turn to her husband. He is the father and must take an active part in everything related to caring for the baby.

Plan ahead

Everything in time to help mother babies will help a simpleplanning. It is most convenient to do it by the hour, indicating the approximately time spent: wash and wash the child - 15 minutes, have breakfast - 20 minutes, clean the house - 10 minutes, make up - 10 minutes. and so on. So you plan your day clearly and can later carve out some time for yourself. The plan will not allow us to focus on useless activities, and the day will be more effective.

Include in the child's own affairs

For the smallest, the perfect solution is the sling(kenguryatnik). With it, the process of wiping dust, washing dishes or cooking is simplified at times. You can communicate with the baby, and he will watch your actions with interest.

Do you need to work at the computer? Sit the child next to, turn on the half-screen cartoon, and on the half-screen browser. Do you wipe the dust? Give the baby a rag and show how to do it correctly. Young children like to repeat for adults, believe me, the process of harvesting will give them great pleasure. For example, a 1.5-year-old child is already quite able to remove his toys himself, throwing them into a box. Let not very carefully, but himself!

What is the Fly-lady system

This system consists in this: you spend a minimum of time cleaning the house, but every day. Removed at the same time not the whole apartment at once, but one room for a week. Try not to bring the state of the apartment to the general cleaning, just regularly and gradually maintain order and cleanliness. At once you clean up everything for yourself and do not allow to accumulate superfluous things. Get rid of unnecessary. In a word, treat domestic duties as simply as possible. The fly-lady is always in excellent spirits and not tormented by domestic cares.

General advice to keep the young mummy

1. When cooking, use semi-finished products, only not store, but own preparation. You can freeze in a freezer and then use it successfully: mixtures of vegetables and fruits, meat broth, pelmeni and cutlets, cooked mushrooms, soups and second dishes.

2. Let the house always have a stock of basic products - cereals, pasta, vegetables, butter, eggs, etc. To do this, simply purchase products in the store once a week, or maybe even less. It only remains to ask her husband on the way from work to bring fresh bread, milk and other perishable products.

3. Use home appliances - juicer, food processor, microwave, dishwasher, washing machine. All this saves time and can make life much easier.

4. To do less ironing, just hang up your clothes carefully. Use a special conditioner to make it softer (you can also rinse for laundry).

5. Cleaning and other labor-intensive tasks (defrosting the refrigerator, analyzing cabinets, washing windows) do not try to remake overnight. Better break the big task in parts and do one thing today, and tomorrow another.

6. Do not think that taking care of yourself will take a lot of time. In the morning, until the child woke up, you can take a shower, make a face mask for dinner, while the baby sleeps - manicure or fitness.

7. Make a variety of household chores! Tired of being constantly on your feet - sit down to play with the baby or find those things that are easily done sitting. And vice versa. Tired of sitting at the computer while the baby is sleeping? Then it is better to go up and, for example, wipe the dust.

Remember, in the house in which the child appeared,there will never be a former order. There is no end to home affairs. Therefore, catching up with the baby in his arms is absolutely impossible! But to give time to the necessary, and not to forget about yourself - it is entirely possible for any young mother.

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