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How to quickly lose weight to children

Obesity can be talked about whenBody weight is more than 32% of body fat in boys and over 25% in girls. But however, childhood obesity often establishes as a violation of the weight / height ratio, exceeding the perfect body weight by 20%, the most accurate evidence of excessive weight, it should be considered obesity skin folds.

The problem of excess weight.

Not all well-nourished babies in the future turn intoFull of children, and not all fat children, dock in adulthood with the problem of obesity. But do not relax, with age, excessive weight increases in both women and men, and there is a real possibility that obesity, manifested in infancy, will accompany you to the end of life.
Excess weight and obesity give the child a lot of weightProblems. Not only does childhood obesity threaten to age with age, it is still the main cause of child hypertension, it is also directly associated with diabetes of grade II, increases the risk of coronary heart disease, often contributes to increased stress on joints, understates self-esteem and affects relationships with Peers. According to some experts, the most serious results of obesity are precisely psychological and social problems.

So if you notice that your child's weightExceeds the norm for his age, then you should think about taking measures to lose the excess weight of the child. Therefore, we decided to devote this article to the question: how fast to lose weight to children.
As obesity in adults, obesity in childrenIs provoked by a whole set of causes, but the most basic of them is the discrepancy between the energy of the producing (calories taken from food) and wasting (the calories used in the process of the main metabolism and physical activity) by the body. Obesity in children most often develops and is the result of a complex interaction of psychological, dietary, physiological and hereditary factors.

In the event that during the examination of yourChild, the doctor found that obesity was not the result of which disease, he should recommend diet therapy as the main method of treatment. Together with this, for the recommendation of proper dietary nutrition, it will be necessary to conduct a full examination of the child in an appropriate medical institution. An important point remains the consultation of a dietician doctor.
In fact, losing weight to children is not very easy, but still possible.

We offer the basic principles of nutrition for children's weight loss:
1) the total calorie content of the daily diet should be reduced by 20-50% (this can be achieved by including a greater number of low-calorie foods in the diet);
2) the number of meals increased to 5-6 times a day;
3) but the dinner should not be later than 3 hours before bedtime;
4) it is important to teach the child to eat in small portions;
5) on the advice of a nutritionist you need to spend unloading days;
6) in order to achieve and stay on the desired result, it is necessary to perform physical exercises together with the diet and to teach oneself to lead an active lifestyle.

To quickly lose weight, we recommend such products for inclusion in the children's diet:
- Vegetables (zucchini, tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants, cabbage, beets,);
- Fruits containing a small amount of sucrose;
- Butter (within measure);
- Vegetable fats;
- Low-fat fish and meat;
- Fermented milk products: cheese, milk, fermented milk, etc.;
- Rye bread.
- Eggs;
During the diet are not recommended for use:

- Smoked meat, pickles, canned food;

- Sauces, spices;
- Cream, sour cream.

In the children's food limit:
- Potatoes;
- Sugar, honey. jam;
- Sweet fruit;
- Flour products, rice, semolina;
- Fatty grades of meat, liver.

For children's diet to any degree of obesity can not beLimit the amount of liquid drunk. Otherwise, it can lead to significant dehydration of the body, which has undesirable consequences.

At the first stage of a diet, a child can oftenComplaining of hunger, in this case, you can enter into the diet products that are extremely poorly absorbed into the body during the food exchange. In this case, raw vegetables (zucchini, cabbage, pumpkin, cucumbers,) or berries (cranberry red currant or cherry) will be appropriate.

In order to meet the needs of the child's body in the protein can give low-fat river fish or lean boiled meat.

For the prevention of childhood obesityIt is necessary to significantly reduce the presence of carbohydrates (mainly flour and sweet dishes) in the diet. In addition, it is mandatory to lead an active and energetic way of life.

Physical activity.

If your child follows a diet, but the idea isQuickly lose weight, requires immediate results, we advise you to turn to physical exercises. Carrying out a formal program of training loads or increasing physical activity makes it possible to burn excess calories, increase energy consumption and stay in the acquired form. A lot of studies devoted to childhood obesity have shown that physical activities do not give tangible results if they are not combined with another form of intrusion, for example, by dietary education or by transformation of behavioral stereotypes. But do not forget that fitness brings additional health benefits. In the event that even the fat folds, as well as the weight of the child's body do not change after 50 minutes of aerobic exercise three times a week, such training contributes to the improvement of blood pressure and lipid profiles of blood. The main thing to remember is that children should never go hungry and eat too much calories. Losing weight for any child's body is a stress that can cause additional diseases and adversely affect growth.

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