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How to raise a patriot in the family

The most common association isa patriotic man is a man in uniform, especially in a military one. But in order to be a patriot, it is not necessary to be a military man, wear a uniform, and make an oath of allegiance to the Motherland. Patriotism lies in our behavior, respect for our ancestors, honoring traditions, observing our physical and moral health, creating a strong family, and educating children on the same bases.

The feeling of patriotism is in everyone's heartperson, but it is necessary to simply awaken him, to be able to reach out and put the right life priorities. This is what parents should do, who want to raise a patriot in the family.

But where to start? There are several recommendations that will help find the answer to the question of how to raise a patriot in the family.

We live in the best country, and other countries envy us ..

If you sincerely wish to raise a childpatriot, do not speak ill of him about the country where you live. After all, the Motherland, as well as parents are not chosen. And believe me, no matter how much you think it's better somewhere, it's hardly true. Each country has its own problems, its own difficulties and no one shows us from the TV screen. Everyone wants to be thought of only well.

Therefore, do not allow the child to express great discontent about your Motherland, say more positive things. But at the same time do not greatly embellish the situation, teach the child to be more realistic.

Be sure to travel. You do not have to go abroad at once, and there are a lot of places in your home country, from which the spirit captures simply. Yes, and you hardly ever visited.

Show the child on the visibility of all the beauty and fascinating history of native lands.

Remember that soon your child will be quiteadults, and be able to independently make their own, already adult conclusions, and have your own opinion. And if from childhood you do not lay a small grain of patriotism, it is unlikely that it will then be able to sprout.

Just about complicated.

Do not forget about what an eventfulthe history of your country. Often tell the child about deeds, great wars, victories and defeats, rulers and princes, and even ordinary people who, for so many centuries, created this story, and with it the country in which you now live. Only the main thing is to make a discount on the child's age, and speak it in a language that is understandable to him. Be sure to answer all of his questions, analyze the situations that interest him, draw joint conclusions and be sure to listen and accept your child's opinion. Let it still childish and naive, but these are its first steps, to the ability to draw conclusions on its own.

The story, or rather the respectful attitude to it, as well as to the ancestors, you brought to the mind of the child, will help you raise a patriot in the family.

Culture in the masses.

Let you be completely comfortable on your favorite couch,and do not want anything except a cup of tea and watch TV - get up and go with the child to a museum, to an exhibition, to a puppet theater, to a children's concert. The cultural development of the child from an early age is an integral part of the birth of a sense of patriotism. If you have attended such events together since early childhood, then there is a great guarantee that, even further, at an older age the child will have an interest in continuing such visits. Remember that now you are the main example for imitation, so do not do it, so that later it would be insulting for the lost opportunity.

More positive.

Children are very sensitive to emotionalthe state of their parents, if you feel bad, the child will also feel uneasy. Therefore. As though in a life did not happen, try to adjust itself on a positive wave. Find positive in any action. So you will not only avoid the pessimistic mood of the child, but so, too, teach him to deal with problems more easily, not to give up the hand under any situation, and just always find something to rejoice. It is impossible to educate a patriot in the atmosphere of an eternal problem, a bad mood and lack of faith in the future.


If you want to raise a patriot in the family, the main thingsupport. And we are talking about comprehensive support. A zeal for patriotism should be not only for you, but for your partner and close relatives. Living in such an atmosphere, the child in the future will try to reproduce it already in his family. Also support your baby in his views, interests, interests. Praise for success and correctly drawn conclusions from committed acts or misdeeds. Explain to the child why you act towards him or another person just like that, and not otherwise, and ask that he argue his actions the same way.

Do not stop it in aspirations, and positiveof course, if the desired actions do not harm him. Even if you do not see prospects, still try to show your faith in the child. Suddenly he really will succeed. Such relationships will make your communication more intimate, allow you to earn authority in front of the child, as well as more control over his actions.


To help themselves in the upbringing of a patriot in the family, notignore the results of the work of scientists and technicians, use all the opportunities that we are provided with, the current level of development of this industry. See scientific and documentary films, find interesting information, conduct your investigations, discuss what you see, rejoice and experience with the characters of the films.

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