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Than to treat constipation in an infant

Symptoms of constipation and first aid.

The baby begins to cry when he hasSomething hurts, and to explain, of course, he can not. This also applies to constipation. When you touch the baby's belly, and while he tries to push, blushes and cries, it means it's time to help him. To begin with, you need to give your child mineral, but non-carbonated water, using a sterile syringe without a needle or using a teaspoon. When at least a little water gets inside, it helps to soften the stool and facilitates defecation. If this simple method does not help, then you can use the following tips.


The most common and simple remedy, which very often solves this problem is a stomach massage.

After you have given the child water, proceedTo a massage of the abdomen. First, wash your hands with warm water and rub them. If the baby constantly has a constipation problem, then massage regularly. It is recommended to do it several times a day - after sleeping, before eating, an hour after eating. Put the child on the back, during massage movements do not press hard on the body. For children up to six months, the massage time is 1-2 minutes, after six months - 2-3 minutes. During the massage you need to talk with the child, smile, monitor his condition. Massage should be done so that it is not painful and does not cause discomfort.

1. Right palm, inside, make circular motions-stroking clockwise, starting from the navel. Further increase the circle, moving from the right lower corner towards the right hypochondria, moving from the right side to the left hypochondrium, and move down to the left corner. Try not to press on the liver and spleen.

2. The region of the waist should be clasped on both sides of the hands and held towards each other from the sides of the abdomen to the navel area.

3. With your right palm, do strokes above - from the navel area and downwards - towards the pubic area.

4. Another massage is the lower part of the colon, passing into the rectum. It is necessary to divide the abdomen into four parts. In the left lower square is the colon, which crosses the square from top to bottom diagonally. It can be well groped when it is filled and feels like a roller. Push the intestine with two fingers. Massaging the movements for two minutes, do not move your fingers. With such a massage, the infant who had constipation should want to empty the intestine after 1-2 minutes.


Another way is gymnastics. After the massage, without changing the position of the child, lying on the back, in turn, bend and unbend the legs 6-8 times, pressing them to the stomach. Do the exercise "bike" two times. Then press both legs against the baby's belly, holding it in this position for two seconds, straighten the legs.

For another exercise, you will needA gymnastic ball or a ball with horns. It is necessary to put the child's tummy on the ball so that he can grab his arms by the horns, and roll it for 1-2 minutes. At this time, you need to talk with the baby, sing songs, so that he can enjoy this gymnastics, and not afraid.

Bathroom treatment.

If the constipation in the infant still does not passAnd after a massage, then you should try water procedures. Immerse it in a tub with warm water, take it out, wrap it with a towel and wipe it off. Then put the dry baby on the naked belly of the mother. It is best to put the baby on the stomach, not on the back, if it has colic or constipation. Thus, self-massage is performed, which helps to promote its contents and gases through the intestine.

Glycerin candle.

If the baby continues to cry and noProcedures do not help to get rid of constipation, then try to apply a glycerin candle. To do this, put the baby on his back, bend the legs to the stomach and insert a candle into the rectum. But it should be remembered that it is possible to treat a child in this way in very rare cases, since this method leads to addiction.

Catheter or vent tube.

If a baby has a swellingBelly and increased gas formation, then use a gas pipe. You need to buy a rectal catheter at the pharmacy. If you insert a gas outlet tube or catheter into your rectum, place the baby on your side or on your back, and bend the legs to your tummy. To make the tube or catheter easier to enter, it is recommended to lubricate them with petroleum jelly or baby cream.


Before using the enema, consult your pediatrician first and you do not need to treat constipation yourself.

What drugs can cure constipation in a child?

To treat constipation in infants, doctors usually prescribe lactulose syrup (Dufalac). With intestinal colic and bloating, you can give "Espumizan", "Plantex", "Sab Simplex" before each feeding.

What to feed a child with constipation?

One month old baby, start giving one dropApple juice, squeezed from a fresh apple. A nursing mother should include as much fresh fruit and vegetables as possible in her diet, except for a banana. It is useful to use them in the form of salads dressed with vegetable oil. It's good to use this recipe: 2-3 pieces of dried apricots and prunes, a little raisins to pour kefir overnight, eat in the morning. All this will fall into the breast milk, which you will feed the child, which will help to establish a gastrointestinal tract and stool.

Keep in mind that constipation in the baby is a violationNormal functions of his body, and not a disease. So, you should find out the causes of constipation, referring to a pediatrician, and it is desirable not to engage in self-medication.

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