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Memo for children: how to behave on the beach

In our memo for children: How to behave on the beach, we will tell you about what you need to pay attention to while relaxing by the water. After all, it is often fraught with dangers, and children do not always understand this. Therefore, before you go with your child to the river or the seashore, do not once remind him that it is necessary to keep yourself on the beach carefully, there is no place for pampering and especially disobedience. In the case of another line of behavior, threaten that you will not lead a baby to the beach.

Memo about the beach, in the first place, shouldTo remind of the dangers inherent in water itself. That is, of course, the water itself is not dangerous, but the behavior on the water can provoke the emergence of dangerous, risky situations.

Our first advice for you is to teach children to swim. And, as soon as possible. If you have the opportunity to give your crumbs to the pool at the age of three years - excellent, do so. The instructor will help the child overcome the fear of water, teach him how to swim, dive, and thus instill some respect for the water, and an understanding that water games are dangerous.

But even if your child is about five or six years old and heKnows how to swim - still do not let him go to the water without special tools. Of course, the best thing for these purposes is an inflatable ring. However, the child can zaartachitsya - they say, I can swim, why do I need a circle, am I small? In this case, buy for him an inflatable waistcoat or armlets - they do not tighten the movements of the child in the water, but they keep him well afloat.

I would like to say a few words about inflatableMattresses, which are now in vogue. Letting one child go swimming on a mattress is the height of recklessness, which is what you should explain to him. There are several reasons for this, and the first of them: a baby can simply be carried by the wind far from the shore. This is especially dangerous, as you know, at sea. In addition, the hidden danger lies in the fact that as long as the child swims serenely on the mattress, it is mercilessly sunburned, droplets of water on the skin act as a magnifying glass for sultry rays - and the baby can burn in minutes, so long to swim on the mattress is not worth it .

The next moment is the bottom relief. Before the child runs into the water (and especially if he was not on this beach at all), one of the adults should go there. To probe the ground under your feet is very important - do not let the child swim and frolic to where sips the ooze, where many bottom algae grow, for which it can accidentally catch. Look for clean beaches.

Water games - a favorite pastime for children on the beach,Especially if there are several. It's good to play, but you need to remember that you should not go far from the shore. The best depth for games is to the waist. After all, if, say, children throw a ball, and it flies not in the direction of the sea - they need to catch up with it, do not let it sink to the depth. Strictly forbid children to play games where they "drown", dive a lot and often, in addition, cry: "Save! "In the game should not be used, because if something really happens - it can simply not react, thinking that it was said in the game.

The sun in large numbers is also the enemy of the childOrganism. If you have a very small child (that is, up to about 3 years old), then you do not need to leave it for long on the beach naked, at least until his body gradually becomes covered with a uniform tan. It can easily burn out, and this will entail unpleasant consequences - in particular, an increase in body temperature, pain. The child is very hard to suffer sunburn, so always take a light shirt on the beach to cover your hangers and back, and panama, so that the sun does not burn the thread. Also I recommend you to buy a beach umbrella - if a child likes to dig in the sand, let it do it in the protective shade of the umbrella. For older children, in principle, this rule can also act, especially if the child is Caucasian and inclined to burning. In any case, when you are going to the beach, throw in the bag a cream for a safe sunburn and a cream after sunbath - they will surely be of use to you.

To avoid heat and sunshine, youAlways remember that there are certain hours of the day in which it is difficult to burn - it is at this time and you need to be on the beach, and the rest - to hide at home from the sun's rays, which also become radioactive. This time everyone knows - in the morning on the beach you need to sunbathe until 11 o'clock in the afternoon, and then go out under the sun after 18. 00 - and then the burns are definitely not terrible for you.

On the beach you need to take more water for the child -because active rest and the sun in large quantities dehydrate the child's body. You need to give a drink to your baby as often as possible - this can even save him from a heat stroke! To keep the drink cool, you can get such a useful thing, like a thermos bottle. As for food - it can also be taken to the beach, but not to eat much, so as not to enter the water with a full stomach. Give preference to light fruits and vegetables, but beware of wasps. Take wet wipes with you, or water to wash your hands.

If you rest on a rocky shore - in no wayDo not let the child jump from the rocks! This is very traumatic, especially if the bottom under the rocks is not known! And in general, not owning the technique of jumping from height, the child simply can incorrectly land on the water, hit and get serious gaps.

Our memo about the beach says that on the water you need to be extremely cautious, especially if you are resting with children - you can not even look at them from their eyes, so that something bad will not happen!

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