/ How to teach a child to brush his teeth?

How to teach a child to brush his teeth?

Baby teeth. Let's surround them with care!

Some parents do not realize the importance of dairyTeeth in children. After all, by the age of 13 there will not be a single such tooth left. So why apply so much effort, diligence? In fact, there is nothing useless in the child's body. And these little, at times unpretentious first teeth play a very important role in it. For example, they contribute to the formation of a proper bite in the child, keep a place for permanent teeth, and most importantly, contribute to the proper development of speech and participate in the formation of the gastrointestinal tract! Moreover, dentists have long noticed that sick, damaged milk teeth badly affect the health of primary rudiments. The latter can even grow in their place.

This means that starting to take care of the oralThe baby's cavity can and should be from the next. On the eve of the appearance of the first teeth, buy a baby brush - a teetotaler. It will help to cope with discomfort at a difficult time for crumbs. And when the teeth begin to appear, it is necessary to start cleaning them. You should first purchase a special silicone brush, which is worn on a finger to an adult. When a child turns 10 months old, they are already starting to use a certain baby toothbrush.

Also, one should not forget that the oralThe baby's cavity is especially in need of care if the baby is on artificial feeding, or if at night he likes to drink kefir, juice, or a milk formula. It is these drinks, drunk at night, contribute to the development of caries in children. What to do? Twice a day and after a night-feeding, you should wipe the teeth with a special baby toothbrush or just a damp cotton swab.

Remember that caring for baby teeth isFirst of all daily brushing of teeth (2 times a day). It is better to prevent the development of caries than to go on to doctors and to continue to struggle with it continuously. Of course, it's a good idea if your child can teach a dentist how to brush his teeth. This can happen when the kid already begins to perceive information consciously, ie, somewhere in 4 years. But before that, you should carry out careful care of the oral cavity, as it was already written, even before the appearance of the first tooth.

The child does not want to brush his teeth. What to do? We prepare the baby from the very childhood.

Unfortunately, in practice it turns out that manyFrom parents so nowhere and did not know how to teach a child to brush his teeth. Moms and dads happily go to the store, buy smart brushes for children, tell them how to brush their teeth correctly, and children - in any. Do not make them take care of their teeth and that's it. It seems that both the mother and the baby's dad realize the importance of this process, but they can not influence the child. What to do?

First of all, be tolerant of the child. Understand, at this vital stage, the process of brushing your teeth for crumbs is a routine duty that delivers only discomfort to him. Try to change this! Make this gloomy process bright and cheerful, make it a game. Choose together with the child an age-appropriate toothbrush, toothpaste is tastier (and, preferably, more safe), and then - your creativity! Toothpaste can suddenly turn into ice cream, or chocolate. It already depends solely on the imagination of the parents.

In 2 years you can teach the child to rinse the genusAfter each meal. In order to prepare the baby, sometimes give him a toothbrush (the softest and most childish) without a toothpaste when rinsing the mouth. Let him play, chew it. This is absolutely normal. Thus, you accustom the child to regular procedures and to a brush. And this means that it will be much easier.

It is advisable to brush your teeth with your child toHelp him at the right time, control the process. But, at the same time, let the child feel himself independent, do not try to control each of his movements.

Hike with the dentist. How to avoid fear?

It is very important to properly form a childAttitude towards the dentist. The first visit to the dentist can impose a heavy imprint on the psyche of the baby, contribute to the emergence of unreasonable fears, affect the perception of the dentist and in adulthood. To prevent this from happening, turn the trip to the doctor in an adventure. Think of some movies, jokes about tooth fairies. Anything, just avoiding such words as an injection, a syringe, etc. Let the baby feel adult and bold.

For example, in order for the baby's first visit toThe dental clinic was well and fun, and at the same time, to teach the baby to properly brush his teeth, you can start with the next. Consult a hygienist. He will spread the child's teeth with a special, absolutely harmless remedy, and ask the baby to brush his teeth as he does at home. After that, show him the reflection of teeth in the mirror. The teeth remain colored spots, namely those places that have not been brushed. An incredibly effective way! Besides, than the present adventure of the kid?

And the last. The rules of dental cleaning, which every kid should learn.

Here are some necessary rules, which the child must already acquire by the age of six.

1. Before you take a brush, you must wash your hands. Then a brush is washed under running water.

2. On the brush bristles it is necessary to apply a small, pea-sized amount of baby toothpaste.

3. Cleaning teeth consists of circular, horizontal and vertical movements. Should prevail "sweeping" movement.

4. Before and after cleaning the teeth, rinse the mouth with warm water.

If the child is well acquainted with all these rules, by the age of eight it is already possible to stop the control over the process of brushing the teeth.

Good luck to you!

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