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The impact of color on the psyche

For example, red color can provoke excessive activity, since it is a strong irritant.

Yellow color can be called a harmonizing color,Which causes joyful feelings, but the child remains obedient and focused. In addition, the yellow color can develop the child's appetite. Favorably affects the troubled, nervous and excited children.

Green color has a positive effect onChange and development of character in the child. The child begins to show a keen interest in learning and the knowledge of the world around him. Also green color gives the child self-confidence and courage. But if the child is phlegmatic, then it is better not to get carried away with green.

The blue color conveys depth and purity, soAwakens the imagination and causes interest in the so-called "distant worlds". In order to attract or draw the child's attention to a particular object, it is enough to use a little blue.

Blue color expresses lightness, freshness andweightlessness. On the psyche of the child, he is able to have a relaxing and soothing effect. Is able to blue and reduce pressure. At the end of the hard day's work, the blue tint in the room can relieve tension, but do not forget that the excessive blue color in the room can cause feelings of alienation and cold.

Orange color will strengthen the community of peopleGathering in the "orange" room. It is especially recommended to decorate the hall with orange or the dining room, that is, the rooms where the whole family is most often gathered. Orange color can arouse appetite, so boldly decorate the kitchen with orange shades. But in the children's room orange color will help the child to endure loneliness.

Purple is associated with spiritual perfection and purity, abundance and enlightenment. Gives a feeling of inner harmony and peace. Excellent with yellow and pink shades.

Red color can give joy,Activate and excite, therefore in the children's room its use should be limited, otherwise it will cause restless child's sleep. And with hyperactivity, the child is advised not to use red at all.

Now you know how certain colors affectOn the child, it will allow you to beautifully and profitably decorate children's rooms, and the rooms where your children will spend their time. Also, knowing the impact of color on the psyche can create a more comfortable environment for your child.

It is worth considering that in the daytime in the gamingThe room should have a bright and light shade, but at night, dark colors should prevail in the children's room, this will create a full rest for the child. For this, it is not necessary to have two rooms, one gaming room, and the second bedroom, it is enough to buy dense curtains, and close the windows in the dark, thereby ensuring a good rest and complete peace.

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