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Delayed speech development in the child

It is widely believed that girls learnSpeak before boys, but mainly the development of speech is very individual. This process is influenced by many factors, both psychological and physiological.

There is a certain norm of speech development inChildren. If a child under the age of 4 years is behind it, he is diagnosed with a delay in the development of speech (ZRR). But do not panic about this. Children who have a delay, achieve the same success in speech skills as other children, only a little later.

  • During the first eight months of life, children begin to pronounce individual sounds, most often, they are "a" and "m".
  • By 10-14 months, children begin to understand and react when they are addressed, and to draw attention to themselves they use different sounds, and not just crying.
  • At the age of 14-18 months, children are able at the request of adults to show on some familiar objects in the room, on the street or in pictures.
  • When a child reaches 18-24 months, itsThe vocabulary consists not only of the names of objects, but also includes notations for various actions. The kid at this age can already fulfill such requests, as, for example, "give me a ball" and "bring a hare".
  • In 2-3 years, children are able to pronounce individual words and build simple finished sentences, for example, "Mom, Give."
  • By 3-4 years, children learn to form more complex sentences, for example, "Dad went to work".

It is important to take these standards into account when monitoringDevelopment of speech of the kid, it will help to address in due time the help of the neuropathologist in case of need. Particular attention should be paid if the child in 4 years is not able to build sentences and most of the sounds are pronounced incorrectly.

The development of speech may be delayed due toPsychological or neurological causes, as well as due to hearing impairment. Therefore, the diagnosis of ZRD can be established only after a comprehensive examination of the child by a psychologist, neuropathologist and speech therapist. Treatment of delayed development of the child depends on the identified causes.

If the child is paid little attention and does notTalk to him - he has no one to learn to speak, and he begins to lag behind in speech development. But the same effect is observed in the opposite situation - when the child is surrounded by excessive care, guesses all his desires before he expresses them. In this case, the baby simply does not need to learn to speak. The described reasons for ZRR are psychological. For their correction, it is necessary to stimulate the child's speech and conduct special sessions with speech therapists. And on the part of parents, the baby will need attention and affection.

Causes of delayed development of speech can serveAnd various neurological problems - slow maturation of the corresponding nerve cells or disease and brain damage. In this case, the neuropathologist prescribes drugs that improve the blood circulation of the brain and increase its integrative function. To stimulate brain regions responsible for the development of speech, a transcranial micro-polarization procedure can be prescribed. The essence of this technique is that parts of the brain are exposed to a very weak electric current. As a result of the procedure, speech development, memory and attention are normalized.

Another cause of ZRD in a child may be hearing loss or deafness. In this case, normalize the child's speech development will help determine it in a specialized kindergarten.

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