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How to teach a child to fall asleep by himself?

Sometimes the whole process of going to sleep lasts at leasttwo hours. The book is re-read, the lullaby is sung three times already, but the child does not sleep. Can teach a child to fall asleep by himself. And how can this be done? To realize this in life is quite real. Although this will require some knowledge and skills. Of course, all children are different, therefore, each of them will require a personal approach.

Although there is no single recipe forUniversal actions, but nevertheless parents can be offered a specific scheme, which can be adjusted from time to time. In addition, parents should feel whether their child is ready for certain actions or may be delayed.

It is important to remember that an individual approach toThe child must be exercised from his birth. Many babies can fall asleep on their own from the first months after birth. As a rule, these are slow, quiet kids. Emotional and mobile children often can not sleep on their own. A small child is not in a position to regulate the state of excitation and inhibition, so by the evening the child will not be able to stop himself. Any attempts by parents to stop this will be accompanied by vagaries and even hysteria.

Even babies fall asleep at mom's hands, closer toBreasts. This is because the baby needs a mother's warmth. In Mummy's arms he feels that he is safe. In such cases it is useless to do anything, wait until the child grows up a little.

From what age can you teach a child to fall asleepYourself? About a year you need to teach the baby to fall asleep by himself. It is difficult to determine exactly at what age to start teaching a child to fall asleep on its own. One child from three years already plays chess, and the other just begins to talk. This requires a differentiated approach. First, you just need to start with the process of preparing for bed.

Closer to the evening, the child needs to be transferred to moreQuiet mode and less active games. Entertain the kid with the help of familiar toys and stories or fairy tales. In the process of communication from time to time, the child should be left alone in the room. Parents should constantly monitor the state of the child, so that he is not nervous, and not addicted to the game. All actions of the baby should take place near his crib. Before going to bed every time a child can offer a game with the conditional name "Good Night". The child and one of the parents put the toys to sleep, send all the cars to the car park, all these games must be "sleepy" directions. Of course, soccer or war toys are strictly abolished.

It can not be said that the process will go quickly. Parents will need to gain a lot of patience. In addition, they must be set for success, because their attitude will be passed on to the child. A positive attitude will only facilitate the task of parents. So, all dolls and cars are "laid" to sleep. He already wished a quiet sleep, sang a lullaby and kissed. Now you can leave the baby to sleep. Parents should remember that the main thing in this process is a certain system of actions, which is not violated in any case. All adult actions should make it clear to the baby that the day has passed and the time of rest has come.

In the early days of "learning", one parent mayLie down next to the child. At this time, it is better not to look into the eyes of the child. Such emotional contact further complicates the task of parents. It is better to put the child face to face. The stories and stories that the child asks for the story should be very simple and short. Fantasy is better to disable, too fascinating plot can provoke the baby. Gradually, you need to adjust the child to the fact that he is already large and independent, so he must fall asleep on his own. Now you can leave the child. If he calls again, then you need to return, kiss and calm him, and then leave again.

You can offer the child to sleep "in an adult way". He is invited to sleep not in his baby bed, but on the couch. Psychologists have noticed that in some cases, problems with falling asleep can disappear after changing the place of sleep. The child can be laid down by his father, whom he does not see so often. Surprisingly, with the popes, some babies are less capricious. Even better, when a child has a regime of the day, made up taking into account the independence of the child. It is noted that a child who falls asleep at the same time, develops self-discipline. By the way, a child falling asleep independently sinks into sleep for 5 or 10 minutes.

Remember, if a child resists actionsParents and does not want to sleep without a mother, it should not be very insistent. You can just put your intention aside for a while. Maybe in 2-3 weeks the child will not resist so much. So, before going to bed, the following games are recommended: reading favorite fairy tales, putting toys to sleep, drawing or collecting puzzles, collecting cubes in a box, etc. Literally before going to bed, it is not recommended to engage in the following activities: play very agile games, read new stories and play new toys .

If the child asks to leave the lights on,You can turn on the night lamp with dim lighting. The door of the nursery can be left open. Parents should be close if the child suddenly cries. In such situations, you have to come to him, calm him and kiss him, and then leave again. Parents should be patient, because at first they will have to return to the child many times, but eventually the baby will get used, and then quickly fall asleep on their own. The main thing is that parents should remember that all children grow up and grow wiser. Teaching a child needs to remain calm and optimistic, because very soon all actions will bring an excellent result.

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