/ Are the diapers harmful to the boy?

Are the diapers harmful for the boy?

The modern diaper consists of two parts:

- Absorbent layer (chemical gels and cellulose are included)

- waterproof layer (polyurethane, polyester).

To begin with it is necessary to learn some simple rules at purchase of this irreplaceable thing.

1. To buy a disposable diaper follows the weight of the baby. A weight category is indicated on any package. This is to ensure that the rubber bands and belt do not press on the delicate skin of the baby and do not cause him any inconvenience.

2. Buy diapers of well-known and proven manufacturers, whose products have undergone hygienic evaluation, evaluation for efficiency and quality.

3. Carefully look at the integrity of the package and the expiration date.

These tips will help to avoid unnecessary trouble when wearing a diaper.

Disputes about the impact on babies' health of diapersContinue to this day. Especially moms are worried about the question: how to wear diapers affects the reproductive function of boys, are harmful to the boy diapers or not?

Most doctors have come to the conclusion that wearingDiapers does not have a harmful effect on the health of toddlers, particularly boys. The main danger is the effect of the greenhouse effect, coupled with the evaporation of urine, as well as an increase in the temperature of the genital organs. It is proved that the temperature really rises, but not much - by 1-1, 5 degrees, which does not have a harmful effect on the reproductive system of the baby. But there is one rule: you need to change the diaper on time. Necessarily after a night's sleep and walk, after the baby has shaken. You need to follow the skin condition of the child: if it is wet, the diaper needs to be replaced urgently. Of course, the replacement would be ideal after every urination, but it is not so necessary. If the diaper is selected correctly, the entire volume of urine will be absorbed.

Now another, important question: how does the "diaper" affect the baby's skin?

The color of the baby's skin under the diaper should notDiffer from the skin color of other parts of the body. If the skin is red, it may be that the temperature regime of the crumb is incorrectly selected. Normal thermoregulation in children is adjusted only to 1, 5-2 years, so if you can not do without a diaper, the temperature in the room should not exceed 16-18 degrees. Be sure to air the room, wet cleaning and a plentiful drink. Many associate wearing "diapers" with the occurrence of diaper dermatitis. There is no connection in this. The fact that diaper dermatitis occurs when exposed to the baby's skin ammonia, which occurs when stirring feces and uric acid. Pampers for the boy contribute to the separation of feces and urine. In short, with the timely change of a diaper, you can prevent the formation of this disease.

But with the influence of diapers on the development of the child, the situation is more complicated, and there is no consensus on this issue.

Very important in the development of the child withThe first days of his life are played by tactile sensations. First and foremost, it is the caress of the mother, then there are various textures - cloth, wood, sand, grass, earth, and, finally, your own body. And no matter how unaesthetic it may sound, a good stimulator of its receptors are the processes of urination and defecation.

In place of tactile sensations comeKinesthetic studies, which can be "lost" as a result of a violation of natural tactile sensations. It is noticed that children who wear "diapers" for a long time are afraid to touch things, be afraid to get dirty, and so tactile stimuli necessary in the course of development impose unfavorable emotional coloring.

In addition, the constant wearing of "diapers" canCause an enuresis. The thing is that the diaper helps to lose control over urination. And if an adult child suddenly accidentally makes his affairs in panties, his self-esteem and psyche will suffer greatly. Even if the parents can convince him that nothing terrible has happened.

In order for a child to experience positive emotions, heYou need to experience negative. The feeling of discomfort and the experience of negative emotions delivers him the departure of natural needs. And if you do not use "diapers" constantly, the process of emotional development takes place more fully. Now you know whether diapers are harmful or not.

And finally, it should be noted that neatness and the desire to get dirty in something the baby has nothing to do. Development of skills "clean" occurs when the child reaches 5 years.

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