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Head lice in children, treatment of pediculosis


One of the signs of the appearance of lice isA feeling of itching of the head. It is necessary to carefully inspect the child's head. It is rare to see lice themselves, but lice eggs - nits - are clearly visible. They have an oval shape, grayish-white color, size - with a sesame seed, attached to the base of the hair, they are difficult to blow off or wash off.

The first step is to reassure the child thatHe had no sense of shame and guilt for it, to explain what lice are, how treatment will be treated. This problem requires a calm approach, and the necessary medications will be found in the nearest pharmacy.

Treatment of children.

In a pharmacy without a prescription, you can buyVarious drugs that will help get rid of lice. All such products, whether gel, liquid or shampoo, have in their composition the following combination: piperonilovy butoxide with pyrethrin, or contain synthetic pyrethrin. During the use of the drug, you must follow the instructions, because they contain the content of pesticides. Experts do not recommend using a spray, because even more pesticides can be exposed to a child.

In most cases, treatment for pediculosis can beProduce at home, but there are some exceptions that require a doctor's consultation: the child's age is less than 2 years; The child had asthma or an allergy; Nits or lice in children are located on the eyebrows, eyelashes. In these cases, the doctor must do the treatment and treat such children, or prescribe other medicines.

You should consider the option of a child's haircut,Although there is no need to cut off all the hair, it just makes it easier. Recall that a child with lice in the hairline hairdresser will not cut.

To wash off the product from the hair should not be under the shower, but over the sink or bath. Thus, the solution of the agent from the head lice will not fall on the body, protecting the skin of the child from the action of pesticides.

Before you start, take off your shirt andGive him a towel to cover their face. If the lice solution gets into the eyes - immediately wash them with plenty of water. In case of appearance on the skin of a slight irritation and itching after such a procedure, do not consider this as a new invasion of lice.

The next stage of treatment - should be found inHair cover nits. Undoubtedly, the drug from head lice will kill most of them, but not all. The likelihood that lice can reappear in a couple of weeks is less on how well you examine the hair and remove the nits. And also you will not confuse old nits with new larvae.

To remove nits, you should useSpecial comb and safe scissors with blunt ends, so as not to accidentally damage the skin on the head. Scissors need to cut the hair, the roots of which are fixed nits.

The next, after the actions to remove the headLice - you need to comb the child's hair. The hair must be dry at the same time. From the comb, you can remove nits with an old toothbrush and water. Clothes, a towel - everything that was used to remove lice, should be washed immediately in boiling water, and then dried in a hot dryer.

Everyone who has an infection with the headLice, it is worth treating at one time, as they can easily move from one person to another, and one small lice that can postpone up to 10 eggs per day is enough to infect it. All members of the family must be checked!

In addition, the entire house must be processed. Collect all the things that the baby's head touched and can be washed. Namely: sheets, pillowcases, scarves, hats, jackets with hoods, hair bands, towels and so on. They are washed in boiling water and dried in a hot dryer (you can iron it at high temperature from both sides with an iron). Things that can not be washed are to be dry cleaned or vacuumed. Carpets, soft toys, pillows, mattresses, sofas - vacuumed, then remove the dust bag from it, put it in a bag and discard it.

The following, at least 10 days after processingThe child needs to be checked. It is worth making sure that there are no nits left, because you could not notice a few. It is necessary to pay special attention to the places behind the ears and the back of the neck. If you notice head lice again, the treatment should be repeated, but with a period of time between re-treatment of about ten days.

If the appearance of lice is detected immediately, treatmentWill pass much faster and easier. Teach your child that you should not share things like a hat, a hair brush, hair ornaments, headphones, etc., with other children.

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