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Diseases of newborns: birth trauma

The causes of birth trauma

One of the main reasons is the condition associated withLack of oxygen in the fetus during intrauterine development. Then the situation is aggravated, while the child passes through the birth canal. Such a trauma can develop and immediately after birth. In such cases, there are a number of complex stagnant processes that disrupt blood circulation in the tissues of the child's brain. In the process of moving the child along the birth canal, the cranium shrinks, which causes birth trauma. Such trauma can occur if the head size of the newborn and the diameter of the mother's birth canal are significantly exceeded. Usually the task of doctors is to prevent such cases. After a woman's pelvis is measured several times before delivery, and the size of the fetal head clearly shows ultrasound. In some cases, this type of injury is noted after rapid delivery, anhydrous or in an excessively long generic process.

Signs indicating the birth trauma of the newborn

To properly classify these signs, experts have identified several periods:

- acute, takes from one week to 10 days;
- Rehabilitation early, up to three to four months;
- Rehabilitation late, up to one year;
- a period with residual consequences, more than two years.

Diseases of newborns of this type do not occur suddenly. They can always be determined by pronounced symptoms. Usually this is excessive excitability or, conversely, lack of activity and depression.

Excessive excitability can be noted by seeing thatThe child behaves extremely restlessly, often and with an anguish weeps, at it convulsions and a tremor of extremities are marked. The oppressed state, on the other hand, is determined by the drowsiness and weak tone of the muscles, the deterioration of reflexes and the breakdown in appetite. Such children often tend to regurgitate food, sometimes this feature is delayed for many months.

Therapy for neonatal birth injury

Treatment of this kind of pathology is alwaysComplex and long-lasting. Children who have suffered a family trauma, especially need to receive breast milk, although the first time these babies are applied to the breast a few days after birth. They are in intensive care right after delivery, which is a necessary measure.

In the first days of babies fed with the help ofSpoons with expressed milk, but only after this start to give a bottle. Only after five to six days it is possible to allow the baby to be put to the breast. The course of physiotherapeutic procedures and exercise therapy helps well in eliminating the symptoms of birth trauma. If a special type of injury occurs in newborns, medication can be shown for several years.

Complications in newborns during birth injuries

They depend on many factors: This is the complexity of damage, and the timeliness of treatment, and the initial health of the child. The outcome may well be (and usually happens) favorable with a timely diagnosis and correct, professional therapy. In most cases, all symptoms are completely in 80% of babies. In rare cases, there may be residual effects, which are expressed in tearfulness and excitability, as well as disorders of the vegetative system. With incorrectly performed therapy, the outcome is sometimes very severe, up to the development of CGD and oligophrenia over time.

Prophylaxis of this disease of newborns

Since the birth trauma of newborns is developing,Mainly due to the lack of oxygen, all the efforts of the most pregnant woman should be directed to the prevention of such pathological phenomena. During pregnancy it is extremely important to lead an active and maximally healthy life, forget about bad habits, because it can all have a negative impact on the child. It is better not to risk, than then to look for the cause and correct the consequences.

Oxygen starvation of the fetus may develop due toInfectious damage to the mother's body, so the most important is the competent preparation for the pregnancy of both the woman herself and her partner. Even before conception, it is necessary to resort to a general medical examination and promptly cure all existing diseases.

During fetal development of the childIt is necessary to closely monitor your health and immediately consult a doctor about any ailments that have arisen. Each pregnant woman needs to register with a woman's consultation and have planned ultrasound examinations at the appointed time. This will help to see in time any deviations in development.

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