/ How to behave in a new class?

How to behave in a new class?

So, how to behave in a new class? When you open the door for the first time and appear before a new collective, you, of course, are all appreciated. People are interested in your appearance, and your character. For someone, the first is important, but for someone else, the second. In a new collective, you, of course, should have friends. But, do not hope that everyone in the classroom will love you. Do not forget that people in the class are different and not all can come together with characters. Your task in the new team is not to please everyone, but to show oneself in such a way that you are not harassed or insulted. Therefore, initially you need to be confident. Of course, no one talks about self-confidence, in which a person begins to behave as if he is a "navel of the earth." But, to go into a new class, head down, and hunted looking around on the sides, is also not necessary, in any case. People should understand at first glance that you respect them and respect yourself.

Do not be wary to inspect all andKeep silent. Communicate and do not be afraid to start conversations. Of course, you do not need to be intrusive and get everyone with endless stories about your life and your friends. This you can do when you have friends who really will be interested. On the first day, you just need to confine yourself to an acquaintance, talk with a neighbor or a neighbor on a school desk and try to figure out who the leader is in the class, what his friends are, whether you want to get into this company or just want them to treat you normally. Collectives are different. In some, beginners are accepted with great discontent. We must be ready for this and be able to defend ourselves. Of course, you do not need to provoke a conflict on your own. But, if you see that you are trying to humiliate or insult - do not be silent. Even if someone dislikes you, he will not touch again, if he understands that you can give a worthy rebuff and are not afraid of anything. In addition, in this way, you will earn respect from good people who are in every team and can become your friends.

If you are erudite and know a lot, do notIt is worth constantly showing this class and teachers. Of course, if you are asked - answer and earn good grades. But, in no case, it is impossible to interrupt classmates, constantly to pull a hand when they answer and do not remember something. It is better, if possible, tell the person the answer. You from this clearly will not lose, but people will understand that you are ready to help and you can cooperate with the team, and not do everything just for yourself.

You should never change your style of clothes, ifThis does not please classmates. There will always be people who will accept you for who you are. And if you, under the pressure of others, start dressing the way they like, they will treat you like a person who can be controlled and do with them what they want. Respects you obviously will not earn, but will only become the "six" of the strongest. Of course, you do not want this. Therefore, do not give up on yourself just because someone wanted to. Of course, everyone wants to join a new team, but, you do not need to do this, to the detriment of one's own dignity and sense of pride. You must remember that each person is different. Clever and adequate people understand this and appreciate it in others. And, if someone wants to turn you into a gray mass or your clone, then this person is not worthy of friendship with you, and your efforts will appeal to him.

Never be discussed with newClassmates in the classroom and team members. The fact is that you can be a gossiper or you can set people against yourself. Remember that, often, the first impression is deceptive. You might like people who, in fact, are not good. And those who could really become true friends for you, you will be against yourself. Therefore, try to listen, watch and do not get into the discussion of someone. Remember that these people study together for a long time, they can talk nasty things about each other, understand and make peace. But if you say something wrong, just turn your back on you. Therefore, it is better to just shut up and watch from the side. Sometimes, people who speak little and know much, feel best. Everyone understands that they can be trusted and respected. But, at the same time, when people do not say much about themselves, others have little leverage, so they will not be able to offend you in anything or force you to do something. Therefore, you should never open up to people immediately, even if you like them. You always need time to understand what kind of person really is. Therefore, try to restrain yourself.

But, this does not mean that you should beConstantly suspended, sullen and do not communicate with people. On the contrary, if you can be the soul of a company, amuse others and find topics for conversation - use this. People appreciate those who can cheer them up, invent something, be original. Only you should not try to take the position of a leader with all your strength, if such is already available in the classroom or in the collective democracy and there is no obvious leadership as such. If people want, over time, you will feel that they themselves, consciously or subconsciously put forward you as a leader. But, until this happens, do not try to prove to them that you are better. This is very disliked, especially in those collectives where all are equal.

Getting into a new team, it is always necessaryTry to remain yourself, but, at the same time, learn to find a common language with other children. And, most importantly - never be afraid of anything. People, like dogs, the more they feel fear, the more they rush. If the new team understands that you respect yourself and others and do not fear anyone, you definitely will not become an outcast there and you will find good friends.

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