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Effective weight loss after childbirth

Effective weight loss after the birth of a child: is it so difficult?

Children's daily routine.

The most frequent mistake that young people makeMom - the wrong schedule of the day. When the baby is awake, Mom gives all his attention to him, forgetting about himself. As soon as he falls asleep - my mother rushes into the kitchen, eager to eat and get enough for future use. But it is harmful: if you refuse lunch or breakfast, the body is stressed, and then it starts making reserves that turn into fatty deposits. Improper nutrition causes a feeling of fatigue and the appearance of excess weight. In this case, you can recommend eating at the same time with the baby, eat often and in small portions, at least 5 times a day. Find a moment to have a little snack, you can even with the most active baby. Note that you should not eat up the baby, even the most delicious.

Psychological factor.

After a baby is born, a young mother canthere will be sudden changes in mood, tearfulness, self-pity. As a result, she often begins to eat more, eat more sweets to somehow cheer up. But, in fact, it does not help much. Instead of chocolate it is better to eat sweet fruits, for example, an apple or a pear. So will improve both the mood and well-being.


According to dieticians, young mothers who are nursingbaby, it may take much less time to regain a good shape. The reason for this is that with breastfeeding, the uterus quickly contracts and comes into prenatal state. However, many women with breastfeeding, on the contrary, gain excess weight. Why does this happen? The fact is that often young mothers consume a lot of dairy products, while choosing a higher percentage of fat, believing that this can improve breast milk. However, it is not. It is necessary to take care not about extra calories, but about the fact that there was enough vitamins and nutrients in the food, because the baby needs them.

Proper nutrition.

Not recommended immediately after the birth of the babygo on a diet. This is a useless step, because when breastfeeding a young mother needs to eat fully. We must carefully monitor the diet: the food should be not just delicious, but as diverse and useful as possible. Labor is a big burden on the body of a woman, and as a rule, it lacks calcium, iron and proteins. The diet of a young mother must necessarily include all these elements. The source of calcium can serve fish, cheese, dairy products. The source of animal proteins - poultry, meat, fish, cheese, vegetable proteins - nuts, soybeans and legumes.

Abundant postpartum haemorrhages lead toa large loss of iron. With a deficiency of iron in the body, special enzymes are produced that have a negative effect on fat burning, that is, effective weight loss after childbirth. In such cases, the daily diet should include foods that are rich in iron - eggs, seafood, lean meat, nuts and legumes.

Charging for two.

One of the reasons leading to the appearance of excessweight - hypodynamia, or lack of exercise. Even if you watch your diet and eat a minimum of fatty foods, and the basis of your nutrition are fruits and vegetables, still with a lack of movement you will gain excess weight. When the muscles work, fat is consumed, and when it is not working, it can be deposited on the sides. Doing baby or homework, try to load all muscle groups. A good charge is to carry the baby in the "kangaroo": this exercise strengthens the dorsal muscles and muscles of the abdominal press, trains the correct posture. The child will gradually grow up, and with the growth of its weight will gradually increase and the load on your muscles.


Do not be lazy, and do not justwalks on the balcony - this is not enough to lose weight after delivery was effective. And, besides, your baby can catch a cold. Try to take walks with a stroller not as an obligation, but as an opportunity to lose weight. Do you know about walking? The average walking speed is about 4-5 km per hour. It's good to walk with the baby about two or three hours a day. Then you can not take care of employment in sports simulators - for an hour of intense walking you will burn about the same number of calories as in three hours of training in the gym. So look, this is a simple and effective way to lose weight - because you just need to walk with a stroller. Wear comfortable shoes, watch for proper posture on a walk, and maintain a fast pace of walking.

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