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Interesting facts from the life of youth

In fact, for their peers, now, soThere are, but for other people they really are interesting facts from the life of young people. What happens in the lives of young people? What is the value for the youth? What interesting cases and views make them act in a certain way? What facts and factors influence their development and development?

Speaking about the life of young people, it is worth stoppingOn three such concepts as sex, love and alcohol. Many believe that for young people these concepts have become wrong and have lost value. Of course, many facts confirm this. A certain part of the teenagers stopped looking for interesting sides, deep feelings, hobbies and the like. Many of them equate sex with love, and never forget about alcohol.

But, in fact, not all young people believeexactly. For example, let's talk about sex. It is believed that many girls begin sexual intercourse in fifteen-sixteen years. Of course, for the older generation this is unacceptable, but it is worth investigating why this is the case. Of course, there are young ladies who read too much blogs and listen to silly girlfriends who believe that virginity is a problem that must be eliminated. Here they are then begin to have sex with almost everyone in a row, and then suffer from it. But do not assume that all young girls believe and act this way. There are those who take this issue seriously, although they consider it. Simply, modern adolescents really grow up much faster and earlier than the previous generation. Therefore, their desires differ. Girls become uninteresting with their peers, because boys, at the age of fifteen to seventeen years, still remain children. They are looking for guys who already have something in their life and treat relationships seriously. Therefore, they choose those who are older by five or six years. That's just the problem is that guys at this age want to have regular sex and the girls have to decide whether they are ready to go for it for the sake of a loved one. It is interesting that many girls decide on this step, only because of the love of the guy, being, in fact, not ready for it. Therefore, they can have various problems in terms of sex, complexes appear, and the guys, not finding satisfaction, just begin to change. In this case, not all young girls can realize that their guilt is not in this. Simply, young men do not have the experience and patience to wait for the right moment and do everything right.

And, proceeding from this, it is possible to pass to the secondQuestion - the question of love. Now, many girls are disappointed in this feeling, because men stopped trying to get us and behave like gentlemen. It is interesting that the ladies themselves are to blame for this, although far from all this is recognized. Easy accessibility is the main problem of modern youth. Men stopped appreciating women and taking responsibility for them. They find it easier to leave the girl and find another with whom he will have sex, rather than wait until she is ready. Also, many guys are careless about abortion and consider this is not their problem at all.

But, it is worth noting that not all men are like that. There are guys, and more often such people meet among those who are about twenty years old, who relate to feelings and relationships in a completely different way. They believe that love can never be built only on a physical desire and are ready to wait for a beloved girl as much as necessary.

Also, this category of young people is responsibleRefers to the prospect of conception of the child and are ready to take responsibility for themselves. They understand the full risk of abortion and, more often than not, treat this very negatively. It is difficult to say why this age is different from others. Most likely, these children early felt the taste of adult life and by the time they were twenty, they already had it, realizing that feelings and perspectives are more important than promiscuous sex and alcohol.

With alcohol, the situation is also quite enoughinteresting. It can be said that those who do not study well at school or who want to belong to a particular sub-culture are drawn to the bottle. Such young people are confident that it is impossible to rest without alcohol at all. Also, there are those who lived such a life in the fifteen-seventeen years and now, having reached the age of twenty, they realized that it's better to rest in good institutions and drink expensive wine than to drunk on the port stools without thinking about tomorrow. Also, there are fifteen-sixteen-year-old guys and girls who are fond of good literature and sciences, already at this age know what they want and consciously do not want to harm their health with alcohol and cigarettes. By the way, it is erroneous to believe that such children are outcasts and botanists. Many of them, on the contrary, have the popularity and respect not only of their peers, but also of the older ones. In general, in normal youth circles it is now fashionable not to smoke or drink, but to play sports and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Therefore, looking at modern youth, it is not necessaryConsider that they are all simply obsessed with sex and alcohol. In fact, and at the age of sixteen, young girls know how to truly love, but always think about the seriousness of questions about sex and their consequences. And they also know how to accept grief and disappointment in guys steadfastly, without getting drunk or trying to cut the veins. At the same time, not all guys think only about sex with anyone. There are those who fall in love for a long time, weighing and defining everything, but then they love for many years and are ready to understand and support their girlfriend in all situations. And do not drink with friends every day, without thinking about studying, working and the future. Here such youth is the most interesting. And the fact that it exists, a little surprising, interesting and, undoubtedly, pleases.

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