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Enlargement of lymph nodes in children

All lymph nodes in the ducts are associated with moreLarge nodes that are located in some areas of the child's body - the axillary, submandibular and inguinal areas. The increase in nodes is caused by the appearance of infections at some distance from them. For example, if the nodes in the inguinal region are enlarged, this may be a sign of infection in the lower extremities.

In what cases should I consult a doctor:

1. If the signs of the disease have already disappeared, but the lymph nodes remain enlarged after two weeks thereafter.

2. All lymph nodes are enlarged.

3. If a child has not been ill with colds or infectious diseases recently, but the lymph nodes are enlarged.

4. There is a large and dense lymph node that is poorly displaced.

5. If the lymph nodes in the neck are enlarged, and at the same time there is a temperature, a sore throat, the child is difficult to swallow.

6. One lymph node is enlarged, and it considerably exceeds the others in size.

Increase in children of the nodes: what these symptoms say.

1. Lymph nodes are normally mobile and resilient. When they increase, they begin to hurt and become denser.

2. If the lymph nodes in the neck are enlarged, this is a sign of a cold or an infectious airway disease.

3. If there is swelling in the neck, this may indicate a dental disease, a bacterial or viral infection of the ear or sinuses of the nose. It can also occur due to an infection in the wound (for example, scratches received from a cat).

4. The enlargement of the lymph nodes of the abdominal cavity is accompanied by severe pain in the abdomen, this is a sign of a bacterial or viral infection of the digestive system. Sometimes such symptoms require differential analysis with appendicitis.

5. If the nodes in the groin area are enlarged, the cause may be an infection on the lower extremities of the child, localized in the bones, muscles or on the skin of the child. Such symptoms can be a consequence of inflammation of the joints, severe course of diaper dermatitis, inflammation of the genital organs or furunculosis in the gluteal region.

Since most often the cause of increased nodes in children is an infection, then to eliminate these symptoms it is first necessary to eliminate it.

To enlarge the knots to reduce pain, you can apply a hot water bottle or a towel soaked in warm water. The duration of the procedure is 15 minutes, it must be repeated three times a day.

It is also necessary to prepare the child for medicalSurvey. If the doctor is not clear about the cause of the disease, he will offer additional tests and procedures for further examination. In addition to X-ray and blood tests, puncture of the lymph node may be required. For this there is special equipment. It may sound somewhat frightening, but the procedure is fairly simple, does not take much time, and is performed in a medical office under local anesthesia.

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