/ How to set the table for the first birthday of the child?

How to lay the table on the first birthday of the child?

In fact, about how to lay the table onThe first birthday of the child, and indeed, how to arrange a holiday, many people write and say. So it's not difficult to do everything right to please your child and other people's children. The main thing is that this first holiday is remembered. On such a day it is necessary to remember that this is a celebration. In addition, do not forget that young children are going to a birthday party for your baby, which means that you will not have to wait for peace. Of course, you can cover only for adults and calmly note. But, then, how will this day differ from the others? After all, the first year, the first birthday party should be remembered by everyone. Of course, your child still does not have the opportunity to remember it, but, nevertheless, relatives and friends will remember this for a long time and tell stories to him.

So, how best to celebrate this firstcelebration? How to lay the table, what to think up for children? First, be prepared for the children to come to you and everything will cease to look as harmless as you want. Of course, at first they will sit down culturally at the table, as they remember the decrees of their parents and try to behave themselves. But, as soon as they begin to feel at home, they will look around, eat and want to play, then it will be extremely difficult for adults to bring them to their senses and make sure that after their games in the house there are whole furniture and things left.

That this did not happen, you just need from the very beginningBegan to think through all the details and prepare the program. Of course, you, parents, should do this. In addition, it is you who will have to take the lead. If you will coordinate the holiday and watch all the children, you can control the most naughty, and the most shy, engage in competitions and make them liberated.

Now let's talk about how to meetYoung guests. First, do not forget that your child's birthday is a children's holiday. Therefore, it is necessary to appoint it for the daytime. Try to have time to do everything before the arrival of guests. This adults can quietly wait, drink beer and talk in the kitchen, and children need a celebration, so do not make them wait. Meet the children with the child in their arms. They should understand that they came to the holiday exactly to your baby and it does not matter that he is still very young. If you do everything yourself, then, the children get the impression that your baby is not involved in the holiday, and they will stop paying attention to him. If they will see and remember that this is the birthday boy, then the kids will play together, entertain your child and pay attention to him.

As for the festive table, itsIt is necessary to cover so that children still have a place to play. If you have a large apartment, it is best to put the table in one room, and the second to take away for games. Thus, adults will be able to talk at least a little quietly, and children will play and have fun together. Only, it is desirable that the rooms were nearby. Thus, you do not have to run around the house all the time to look. Is everything ok with the children. But you always have to do this, because, as you know, these kids can never be left unattended for a long time.

If the area does not allow, tryPut the table somewhere near the wall to leave as much free space as possible. Do not forget that children need space. If you force the room with chairs and other furniture, playing, children can be injured. They still do not know how to control themselves, therefore, during the game they can jump on chairs, put themselves bruises and get abrasions. And you naturally do not want it at all. Therefore, try to organize the space correctly.

Now let's go directly to the question of the table andTreats. Remember that your guests are children, so all dishes should not only be tasty, but also interesting and beautiful. If you follow just a few simple rules, all children will be happy and happy. So, placing the table and chairs, make sure that children do not have to climb through each other. If the table is not far from the sideboard, immediately get all the necessary dishes, so you do not have to disturb the guests during the celebration. When the children get up from the table to play, remove the plates and forks. Do not forget that the kids are very active, therefore, they can break something or drop it on themselves. Thus, you will secure both children and services. And when they want to eat, put clean appliances.

Menu for the holiday is better divided into severalParts. For example, in the beginning, you can serve salads and cold snacks. Then, take a break in which you can hold various fun contests for children. After that, you can serve hot. After a hot, let the children play enough and run to the food to lie down, and a place for dessert appeared in the stomachs. Of course, after dessert, you can also hold a couple of competitions, arrange a concert, in general, cheer the children and leave them with good memories of the holiday.

By the way, before preparing dishes, it was goodTo learn, whether is not present at children of an allergy on those or other products. If there is such a problem, it is better to exclude these dishes from the menu altogether. To children it was not offensive that some people can eat something, others can not.

And last, on a children's holiday it is not necessaryToo worry about etiquette and lay out the devices by all means. Children will have enough plates, spoons and forks. All you need to cut is cut yourself first. Thus, you will protect children and not scare them with a large selection of devices that they simply can not handle.

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