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The only child in the family

If the child is one in the family, then all the loveParents, like material goods, get only to him. A child who does not have brothers or sisters has no comparison object before him, which is extremely important for personal development. He has to compare himself with the surrounding adults, which is not always good for the child's psyche.

A single child has less opportunityCommunication with other children. Games in the sandbox do not compensate for this - the child has to spend a lot of time alone. And, of course, to solve any problem, a child often has no one to approach but his parents, which he is forced to do. But there are many drawbacks, because the kid is instantly getting used to the fact that parents always and in every way will help. He simply refuses to do some things on his own.

The only child is the center of the universe.

Yes, that's how a child usually feels like that,Around which the life of his family members is concentrated. And the most terrible mistake is made by adults who support a similar feeling in a child. For example, a kid can not tie a string on boots - and my mother immediately runs to help. So next time the child will not even try, and why? After all, my mother on the first call will fix everything in two seconds.

Only a couple of times you will admit a similar situation - andThe child will begin to demand help, even if he does not really need it. Subsequently, these children are jealous of parents for work, for friends, demanding increased attention.

Adaptation of the only child to the new conditions.

If you have one child in the family, he will beIt is much harder to transfer the adaptation to a new team. And in school, and in kindergarten, and in the sports section, it will be difficult for him to get along with other children, get used to the regime and new rules. He's used to the fact that in the house all attention is drawn only to him, but here you have to share your attention with everyone.

If a child finds himself in a conflict situation with teachers or classmates, he may even show aggression and suffer from a sense of resentment, as if he owed something to everyone.

What is the only child to live in the world of adults.

Not looking at all the attention that spoiledThe only child in the family, he often gets to feel surrounded and defenseless and weak. He understands that in comparison with adults, he is really so.

Not only does an excess of attention go to such aChild, but all parental requirements are addressed to him alone. All the time he expects great success and is constantly advised how to achieve this success. Both parents and grandparents keep a close eye on his behavior and way of life. The child is burdensome, it is difficult for him psychologically. It is important for parents to consider this if they have a single child in the family.

Consequences of incorrect education.

Raising a single child is not easy. There are many nuances that parents should take into account. Because of excessive care and indulgence to all childish whims from the child, one of the following types of personality can turn out.

Type one is shy. This is a child for which adults are willing to doanything. It grows absolutely devoid of independence. Every step that calls for an initiative, immediately causes them enormous difficulty. Such a child often remains in the shadow of peers, it is difficult for him to make new friends, he can not live normally in the world around him without the help of adults.

The second type is selfish. Such a child seriously thinks that he is special, andThe surrounding people stand rank below it. He is hard at adapting to any team, as he does not want to adapt to others. Clear rules, the regime and certain situations annoy him, he believes that everything should be the other way around. Such a child is a small despot, but in the future he becomes a big egoist. He always gets used to consider his person as the most significant and important.

How to raise a single child?

To not instill in your child selfishness orExcessive shyness, you need to correctly approach the issues of education. Certainly, it is necessary to bring up any child in care and love, but all this should be in moderation. The child needs to learn to understand that all the people around him need attention and love, no less than himself.

Let the child is often surrounded by peers. Give it to the kindergarten, even if the grandmother is free from work and can sit with him. Do not be afraid that in the garden the child will get sores. This, by the way, even according to doctors will go to the child only for good. Many diseases it is better to have an illness in childhood than to suffer from them later.

Let the child have friends so that he can doComparing yourself with them, and not with adults who are around. Get in touch with other parents who have small children. Let the child stay in the company of foreign adults as little as possible.

Even if your child does not have a sibling andHis own sister - he most likely has cousins ​​or second cousins. Be sure to maintain family ties with them, let your child accustom to respectful and gentle attitude to all family members. Explain to the child that even if there is no sibling, they can still have a large and friendly family.

Do not let the child control himself. Do not strive at first to fulfill all the whims of the child, even if you have all the possibilities for this. A number of certain limitations will only benefit. It is very important to educate the child in independence. Give him the opportunity to help you more often than you will help him. So the child will feel more confident, he will be able to cope with any difficulties in the absence of adults.

Let your child understand that in life you need to be able toNot only receive, but also give something in return. Then from it will not grow an egoist or timid modesty. It is proved that children who feel parental love always become happy, even if in life everything does not go as we would like.

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