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Dangerous eye trauma in a child

In principle, it can not be said that no dangerous injuriesThe child has no eyes - every damage can have extremely unpleasant consequences, even if everything is fine and the child does not notice any changes. The trauma of the eye is also dangerous - it can hide something more than just a scratch, and lead to extremely undesirable consequences.

As you understand, a dangerous injury canLead to a rapid decline in vision, or even completely to its loss, so do not hesitate for a second if your child suddenly has an injury in the eye area or on the eye itself.

To begin with, we determine that the eye injury can be penetrating or non-penetrating. In the first case, the shell of the child's eye is damaged, so such a trauma is more dangerous than anything else.

As for non-penetrating injuries, doctors classify them as obtuse (injury to the eye) and trauma, from which the subsidiary apparatus of the eye suffered (ie, trauma to the eyelid, lacrimal pathways or conjunctiva).

A bruise of the eye can occur when, toFor example, in the process of playing the child, a ball hit the face, thereby injuring such a tender visual organ. That is, presumably, the ball was not moving very fast, but because of its large surface area the impact turned out to be impressive. But the penetrating trauma of the child has other characteristics of what caused the trouble. Such an injury can only be obtained by a sharp object, or something small that moved with great speed.

The main rule for parents in the event that uThe child has an eye injury: see a doctor. If the wound does not bother - you can postpone the trip the next day, but the doctor must show the trauma without fail.

Obligatory instant examination of the oculist andTraumatologist when the trauma of the eye is especially dangerous, that is, if the child has a penetrating wound directly into the eyeball or even with the most insignificant suspicion of it. In addition, you need to sound an alarm if, after the child has been injured, the appearance of the eye has changed: for example, open wound, eye swelling and swelling are visible, there is a bleeding or bleeding from the injured area when an alien object is seen in the eye, and the form The pupil suddenly changed. Another symptom, in which case you must deliver the child to the doctor as soon as possible, is reduced visual acuity. To determine this, ask the child to alternately close a healthy and sore eye and tell you: did the picture change?

Another important rule that must beObserved by the child's parents. If your baby has been diagnosed with nearsightedness at any degree, or since birth, the optometrist has diagnosed him as "retinal disease", even if, at first glance, the eye injury in the child was insignificant if there is no visible damage to the eye, and the child Do not complain of pain - yet be sure to show it to the doctor, since such diseases need special care, in careful care of the child's vision.

Now let's talk about what steps parents need to take right after the child has traumatized the glazik.

  1. The most important emergency room in the caseOccurrence of a trauma of an eye - to put something cold to the bruised place. Take care that the cold object does not put pressure on the eye, do not try and press it down yourself, thinking that so cold will touch the entire site of the injury. When the object warms up - immediately replace it with a cold one. Doctors advise to repeat cold compresses even within 24 hours after injury, applying ice for 15 minutes every two hours.
  2. Provide the child complete peace, he should not continue to run around the playground with the ice attached - he needs to be put in bed for at least a day.

A little different from these actions is help,Which is in the case of penetrating wounds of the eye. So, in these cases, the child is better placed on the side with which the eye was damaged. Carefully pull back the lower eyelid in order to drip the eye with an antiseptic solution. Cover the eye with a sterile napkin so that nothing else gets into it.

In addition, there is another important point,The observance of which in case of a dangerous trauma of the baby's eye is mandatory. However, even if the injury occurred in an adult - this is the same rule to remember. So, when there was a penetrating eye injury, you need to close not only the damaged eye, but also healthy, and throughout the time - until you reach the nearest hospital and you do not show the child to the doctor. It does not matter how you cover a glazier that has not been damaged: let it be a scarf or scarf, and if the child is old enough, let him shut himself up and do not open his eyes until you ask him. The main thing: an intact glazik should not see anything, since doctors are afraid that if the eyes are injured, the CNS can behave very unexpectedly, because it perceives information from the whole visual organ, and not just from one eye.

I would also like to talk about something that neverDo not do with a child's eye injury or an adult. First, you can not rub the eye, secondly - try to impose an ointment on the bruised area, and, thirdly, in no case should you try to warm up the site of the injury.

In any case, the eye injury should be treated very carefully, leaving the experts the right to determine whether this wound has harmed the child's visual organ or not.

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