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The child goes to the first grade, how to choose a school

How can I choose a school for my first class child?

You need to visit the prospective school and pay attention to the following points.

  1. Smoking is not allowed in school, swearing. If children run along the corridors, knocking everything off in their path, and in the toilet smoked, it's better to forget about this school. Remember, the child goes to the first class, it is very important that there is a harmonious atmosphere.

  2. Reputation of the school. Listen to what the parents of the children of your district say about the school.

  3. Pay attention to what children study inSchool, which parents bring them to school, because It says a lot. Otherwise, the child will bring from this school not knowledge but bad habits.

  4. Please specify at once how many school days in a given school this week. Ideally, if it is a "five-day" period, so that your child can have a full rest at the weekend and gain new impressions.

  5. Is there a "prolongation" in the school. It means that your child goes to the first class and in case of necessity you can apply for an extension. There your child will be fed and will help to make lessons, and maybe to take in circles. Then you can rest assured that with your child everything is ok while you are at work.

  6. Ask how often pupils participate in city seminars, conferences, whether they win in contests and olympiads.

  7. The best is an educational institution in which the teaching staff has sufficient work experience and the necessary qualification requirements.

  8. Listen to how teachers address students at school - by name or by last name. It will talk about a lot.

  9. Are children afraid of teachers or smile, meeting them in the classroom or corridor. After all, children are spontaneous and honest.

  10. Pay attention to the "fluidity" of students. After all, this indicates that the children in this school do not like something.

  11. The requirement of the present time - the availability of a computer class with access to the Internet, as well as the availability of the required office equipment.

  12. Under what program your child will be engaged. It happens that at school at the same time, several training programs are used. You can choose the right one by applying for feedback to the parents of the students, or by collecting the required information in the media or on the Internet.

  13. It is advisable to stop your choice at the school, which has established relationships in universities. Unfortunately, no one will give you a guarantee of your child's admission to this university, but there is a benefit in this.

  14. Pay attention to the leisure time of the school. Very well, if there are posters, wall newspapers on the walls of the school, if there are contests, KVN and other events at the school, are there any sports grounds (basketball, volleyball, football)? Even better, if the school has an Internet site, be sure to visit it, there you can get a lot of information.

  15. Look in the buffet or school cafeteria, studyOffered assortment, after all a question of a healthy food of the child is extremely important, it will affect its state of health and ability to live. It is better if the school has a full dining room. You do not want your child to eat bread rolls at tea breaks?

  16. The issue of children's safety in the building and on the school grounds is urgent, pay attention to the presence of security personnel.

  17. The last condition is the proximity of the house, because your child goes to the first class and it will be difficult for him to overcome long distances.

  18. And the most important condition is a good teacher. After all, from the teacher of primary classes directly depends on whether the school will like your child.

It is equally important to talk directly with the students themselves, or by interviewing friends and acquaintances and collecting the bit by bit the required information.

Well, it will be superfluous to take specialization into accountOf the given school. Here it is necessary to take into account the preferences of your child. If your child is interested in books, then it's worth thinking about the humanitarian bias. Well, if the child for days on end understands the technology or solves problems, then you will approach the physics and mathematics school.

It should be understood that you choose a school forHis child, and not for himself. So watch him. Determine whether the child will be able to adapt in an unfamiliar environment, a team. If you have a "home" child, it's better to think about choosing a private school, since it will be better for your child to have a teacher who can work with him individually, as well as a small class.

Many more parents believe that their childShould be able to write and count to school, but this is not true. It is important that the child is able to analyze, compare, highlight the main thing, concentrate his attention.

It is possible to be guided by other parameters atChoosing a school. The main thing is that your child recalls his school years with warmth and joy. Now you know how to prepare for school if your child is going to first grade, and how to choose a school to be calm for his future best worker.

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