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How useful is breast milk?

Each parent wants his childWas initially healthy, developed both mentally and physically. And this need to start taking care of the child's first birthday (not to mention the intrauterine period, its importance is also great). Developing games for children, with which parents try to improve the child's perception of the world, this stage is secondary, and sometimes optional, but only ancillary. It is not right to take away from the child what he is obliged to receive at the will of the Most High.

In the mother's milk - all vitamins
No mixture will ever replace a baby of vitamin breast milk. It smells like amniotic fluid, which is familiar to the infant from the mother's womb.

Breast milk is rich in fatty acids, whichAre "accelerators" of maturation and development of the central nervous system, especially in children who were born prematurely. It is indispensable for strengthening the immunity of the child. In addition, mother's milk contains all the minerals, minerals and vitamins that the baby needs in the first 5 or 6 months of life.

Among young women there are false notionsAbout the old-fashionedness of breastfeeding and the possibility of its equivalent replacement. This is promoted by advertising and the availability of breast formulas, the so-called "milk substitutes". Meanwhile, the best that the mother can give her child is health, love and support, and breastfeeding matches all of this.

97% of women can breastfeed. The rest is contraindicated because of physiological features, health problems and hormonal imbalance. Mom's milk is the "elixir of life" for the baby. Doctors strongly recommend in the first 6 months of the baby's life - breastfeeding.

Breast milk passes through the digestive systemThe child's system is 2 times faster than all artificial mixtures. Therefore, it is absorbed by the child better than any other baby food. Enzymes of breast milk help to assimilate a large number of necessary elements during each feeding. The intestine works regularly. The child eats more often than the baby on artificial feeding. The required volume of food is less, therefore less prerequisites for eructation. Although for some children, regurgitation and up to a year may be the norm.

As a result of good digestibility of breast milk, the child's chair can decrease by the month of life. According to WHO, even the frequency of the stool can be considered as a norm - once in 10 days.

It is important to take into account that:

1. The baby is fed from her mother's breast;
2. He pisses a lot (more than 12 times a day);
3. The child is gaining weight well;
4. It feels good day and night.

Up to four months the baby's immune systemIs poorly developed. Ingredients of breast milk help to resist infections and create excellent conditions for the formation of immunity. As studies have shown, proteins of breast milk contribute to the self-destruction of cancer cells. Mom's milk is a living substance that contains millions of living cells called antibodies. Breast milk helps the healing of cracks in the mother's nipples and destroys germs in the baby's mouth.


The speed of the development of the brain in the first fewMonths is simply fantastic. During sleep, the pathways are formed. Breast milk contains fats and sugar such as are needed for brain development. Fats are the main building material of the nervous system. They make the body physically strong. As the baby grows, breast milk changes in composition. According to the studies, children who are breast-fed have higher intelligence.

Children breastfeeding also ariseColic. The digestive system of the baby is not able to digest absolutely anything, even breast milk. But with breastfeeding, they happen less often and go faster.

Emotional condition
The process of breastfeeding calms the child andSatisfies his need for sucking. And contact with the mother's skin warms the baby. Near the mother, the child feels safe. He develops trust in his mother and the whole world.

The weight
The norms of weight are also defined for artificiallyFed children. For babies, they are 15-20% lower. The mixture and milk contain the same number of calories per unit volume. The difference is only in their ratios and components. Cow's milk contains such components that are aimed at a rapid increase in body weight. Mother's milk is primarily balanced for the whole body and for the development of the brain.

Facial development
In breastfeeding the whole baby's mouth participates,And sucking itself affects facial development. A wide nasal space is formed, jaws are better aligned. In later life, shortness of breath in sleep, the risk of snoring.

At birth, intestinal cells are not locatedVery tight, to prevent the penetration of allergens into the body. The use of breast milk is that it contains components that can "fill in the gaps" between cells. Blends such "gaps" only increase. And by the age of 6 months with breastfeeding, the walls of the intestine are lined with the necessary number of cells. It's time to introduce complementary foods.

Benefits of breastfeeding for mom

Recovery after childbirth
Breastfeeding contributes to the production of the hormone oxytocin, it affects the stopping of bleeding, the birth of the afterbirth and the contraction of the uterus. Mom quickly recovered after childbirth.

Prevention of cancer
According to the research, breastfeeding reduces the risk of cervical, ovarian, and breast cancer. A low level of estrogen slows the growth of cells, including cancer.

Pregnancy and lactation are capable ofThe body of the mother, to consume a stock of calcium. But, as studies have shown, bone tissue after breastfeeding becomes stronger than it was if the woman had never breast-fed. Do not neglect a balanced diet. Beans, dairy products, wholemeal bread, oranges, almonds, will help a woman maintain the necessary level of calcium.

Weight loss
Breastfeeding requires additional300-500 calories per day. When breastfeeding, fat is burned. Many mothers recover weight only after 9-10 months, provided that they are properly breastfed.

Mother-child communication
Mother feels the child with all the senses. And this energy connection is very pronounced when breastfeeding. Hormones of lactation help to relax, soothe, reduce stress, mother gets pleasant emotions. Prolactin causes a feeling of adoration for the child, it is also a natural tranquilizer. After childbirth due to a sharp drop in the level of hormones there is a feeling of depression. And when feeding increases the level of hormones that help to get a woman out of this condition.

Breastfeeding gives the mother such feelings,As a sense of pride, the consciousness of the fulfilled duty, the consciousness of a single whole with the surrounding world. This is a great opportunity to understand the spiritual side of the child's birth.

Now we know how useful is breast milk. For a child, it is very useful, and if there are no contraindications, the baby needs to be fed with breast milk.

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