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How to choose winter clothes for your child

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What should be the clothes for the baby, so thatEnvelope, despite the low temperature, it was cozy and warm, but in overalls it is convenient to play, run, roll on a hill? And what is better to choose a child - overalls or a jacket with pants?

For a newborn, a warm envelope for walkingIs necessary in winter. Envelopes can be used in the car seat. In conditions of cold Russian winter, an envelope made of natural fur, for example, from sheepskin, is best. Often such envelopes have a lightning around the perimeter, thanks to which you can separate the top part from the bottom and use the parts separately. There are also models with a zipper in the middle, which can be transformed with the usual flat bedding. For active kids models with a hood and sleeves will do.

When choosing a jumpsuit, you need to take into account the ageChild and some design features of the product. Even the smallest details of winter clothing can make it especially warm and comfortable. For children up to one year, a jumpsuit should be chosen so that it can be easily and quickly put on and removed. Particularly convenient models with two zippers that go into the "legs", or models with one oblique zipper, which is sewn from the shoulder to the bottom of the opposite leg. Also for children of this age it is important to choose the most "silent" model, which does not rustle loudly the fabric, and Velcro and lightning have a soft quiet stroke. This is useful in case the child returns from a walk to the sleeper and needs to be undressed and put in a crib without waking.

Lightning deserves special attention. It should be quality, without jamming and deformed links. The course of lightning should be not tight, but not easy. Outside, the zipper should be covered with a protective film to protect it from wind. There must also be an internal valve, which protects from getting clothes into the zippers of the lightning. No less useful is the protection against pinching, thanks to which lightning does not "bite" the baby's chin. Considering all these details, when buying a jumpsuit, several times button-unzip all the lightning to evaluate their performance and appearance.

Overalls for babies should be with ideallyEven back. The legs, ending with a cuff on the elastic band, protect the baby's leg from the wind and cold. Rubber-strips, fastened with buttons to the pants, are used to ensure that the pants do not bully, and that snow does not fall under them.

Overalls for a child who goes or studiesWalk, should be without too bulky and bloated trousers. They hamper uncertain children's movements. If the child does not go yet, then you can buy a transformer overall. It turns into a sleeping bag, if you re-zip and buttons between the legs. This model is especially convenient if the child moves equally often in the car seat and the stroller.

No doubt, the overalls are very comfortable andA practical thing for tiny toddlers. In the overalls of the child, you can safely take it in your arms, put it in a stroller, and the overalls are not lifted. It does not need to be constantly corrected and withdrawn, the wind does not blow in it. Clothes for children over 3 years can be changed to a separate set of jackets and pants. It is at this time that the children say goodbye to diapers and it will be easier to visit the toilet in such a suit. In case the child is hot, the jacket can be removed, and if the child returning from the walk looks like a chimney sweep, the trousers can easily be washed separately from the jacket.

Winter clothes for a child can be selected by approximatelyThe same parameters, this applies to both overalls and jackets. Of course, when choosing jackets, you need to consider other nuances. The length of the jacket should be about mid-thigh. Some manufacturers make the backrest longer than the shelf in order to make the jacket less bulky. Winter jacket should have a reserve for sweater and air circulation. There should also be a lower pull on to keep the heat. Two-sided models are unusual and practical.

Panties are best to pick up in a semi-overall. Half-coveralls with a front zipper are easier to put on your own. For this, you can only adjust the length of the straps.

From 5-6 years old the child can buy pants forElastic and an extended jacket. Many parents for their daughters from 4-5 years buy a coat or a short coat with a hood trimmed with fur edges. When buying girls' jackets with sequins and rhinestones, you need to consider that after the first wash all the beauty can disappear.

It is equally important to choose the right materials fromWhich made a thing. The outer fabric of jackets, overalls and overalls should be very soft, preferably dirt-repellent, waterproof and non-inflatable. For kids, you can choose a overall made of cotton fabrics with the addition of polyamide or polyester, covered with Teflon layer.

Lining should be well stitched. For winter clothes, a flannel, fleece, fuller, cotton knitted fabric suits the child.

As a heater is most often used downWith the ground goose feathers. In such clothes the baby will not freeze even in severe frosts. But down jackets require considerable care. Be sure to follow the instructions on the label for drying, washing and storing the product.

Jackets and overalls with syntheticFillers are much easier to carry laundry, in contrast to down jackets. In addition, the heat-saving qualities of such things are no worse than natural fluff. Artificial down jackets are very thin. Therefore, under the coveralls it is fashionable to wear only one layer of clothing, and the child is easier to move.

Given all the details described above, you can easilyYou can pick up winter clothes for a child who will please you and a small mod, and in which the child will not freeze even in the coldest weather.

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