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Moving games for children and adults

Games bear their own meaning and bringBenefit only if they are selected correctly. Offer the child a game that matches his age, gender, temperament. Only then will the game make sense, and the child will receive a lot of positive emotions and health benefits. And do not indulge in all, "give" the child - to be able to lose, you also need to learn. It is especially important to be able to give in to loved ones, which is often taught by a competently offered game.


The oldest and so beloved by many generationsa game. It is known in all countries of the world, and each of them has its own changes and has its own peculiarities. They play duck in the fresh air. You can choose this option. The main player is chosen - "bear". He must sleep under a tree, and the rest should run around and as if to collect mushrooms. In this case, a song is sung

The bear in the forest

I take mushrooms and berries,

And the bear does not sleep

And he growls at us.

The basket toppled over,

The bear rushed after us!

After these words, the "bear" rushes to the singing, and they escape who to where. Caught becomes a "bear" and the game begins again.


Players stand with their backs to each other, they takeBy the hands. The distance is determined in advance, which they must run in this position. The main condition of the game - you can not tear your backs apart. One runs ahead, and the other follows his back. The victory is gained by the couple who came first. Such mobile games form in children dexterity, coordination of movements, ability to work in pairs. Patience and tolerance for the neighbor are also trained.


It will take five people. In advance, a square square is marked, four are in the corners, and the fifth is driven. He gives a command on which players change their places, quickly running from one corner to the other. At the same time, it is necessary for the operator to occupy a free angle. The one who does not get the angle becomes a guide. This game is suitable for the whole family. She does not have age restrictions, she's very good mood.


The players become a circle and pass each otherball. The bottom line is to hit the ball as quickly as possible, as if it's a hot potato. Whoever drops the ball, sits in the center squatting. You can save a seated person by beating off the ball and hitting them in the one in the center. The one who touched the ball returns to the circle back. The task of the players in the center is to catch the ball. If at least one player in the circle manages to catch the ball, then all the seated can return to the game. The same one who missed the ball, sits down in the center. The game is on a new cycle.

The fastest

On the stump is put an empty bottle or a toy. Players move to the same distance from the stump, and then after a command they run to him and try to grab the bottle first. The fastest wins. It will be better if the forces of the players are initially equal. Games for adults in this case are also allowed, but adults, for example, can jump on one leg.

The most accurate

Again I need a bottle. On the ground a feature is drawn, six marks are placed on it. The bottle is placed in the middle of the line. Two players are on the edges of the line and in turn throw a ball on the bottle. Who got - moves the bottle closer to him in one division. And so on until the bottle reaches the edge of the dash. The length of the divisions must be measured, according to the age of the children playing.

Relay race

Similar games for children are held in allInstitutions - gardens, schools, camps. You can come up with a lot of options for the relay. For example, collect a lot of cones and put them together. Then the children are divided into two teams and become at the starting position. The first players run forward, grab one cone and carry to their team. After the number of collected cones is counted. The task can be complicated if the cones are mixed with pebbles. The task of one team will be - to collect pebbles, and another - cones.

Balls with ball

All players are in a circle, leading - inCenter. Everyone starts throwing a big ball to each other, and the task of leading is to tarnish the one who has the ball in his hands. This is not easy and requires from a leading quick reaction, agility and patience. Whom he managed to tarnish, he becomes a leading.


One player in advance is chosen as a entertainer. He becomes in a circle in the center. The rest go round the ring and sing:

Exactly one after another

We follow the step step by step.

Stand still, together

Let's do it ... like this.

All stand up sharply and lower their arms. Immediately, the inventor shows any action that everyone should repeat. After 2-3 repetitions, the inventor can choose any of the players in his place. Condition - the motion should not be repeated.

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