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Children's toys for children from 0 to 1 year old

In this article, we'll show you how to chooseSuitable children's toys for children from 0 to 1 year. When buying a new toy, you must remember that they must comply with safety standards. This applies to children of any age. Before giving the toy to the child, it should be carefully washed, observing the rules of hygiene.

0-1 month

Given that such small children are limited inFeelings, then they will come up with stimulating toys. In newborn babies, the circle of vision is limited, so it's best to choose bright toys with different contrast colors. Also need different rattles.

1-3 months

During this period, children are already developing rapidly,Begin to hold their heads and study the interesting world around them. Children's toys for children of this age should be chosen such that are convenient for grasping, necessarily ringing and issuing various noises and sounds. Such toys develop motor skills, hand coordination. Pay attention to the texture of the toy, this is an important point in choosing a toy. As a result, the selected toys should be made from different materials, and make different sounds.

3-6 months

At this age, babies become veryMobile, learn everything that comes across their eyes and into their hands. The kid actively learns the world, and knowledge comes through the mouth! In this situation, toys are not very big, but not very small, so that the baby does not swallow them. Be sure to be comfortable for chewing and holding.

Toys that make all sorts of sounds, veryAttract children. However, keep in mind that your life for some period will be accompanied by "music". Toys can be well stimulated by children, which consist of various large parts, for example, blocks.

In addition, during this period the child can already be given books with large bright pictures, animals, and the baby will treat them with you with great pleasure.

6-9 months

The child can already sit. He always looks around the neighborhood in search of something interesting. Useful in this case can be soft toys, various balls and large soft balls with a texture. On the ringing toys, too, do not forget, such that the child will be convenient to take. Kids love to throw toys out of the crib or the playpen and watch them fall. For a kid it's very exciting to take and throw, so do not be lazy, give him a toy every time. This is a very good time to read books for children with fairy tales and poems. In addition, put your child a variety of music.

9-12 months

Kids at this age already go, stickingFor chairs, sofas, surrounding furniture, and not just creeps. Maybe someone uses a walker. In any case, the baby is all interesting to touch, they want to take everything that comes under their hands. The assortment of children's toys for children of about 1 year is worth replenishing with different typewriters, pishchalkami, balls, balls. Toys should be the most diverse, soft and hard, different textures, shapes, from different materials. It is recommended to give the children different cloths, handkerchiefs, they provide an opportunity for different actions: wrap toys, take cover. Often kids can imitate a variety of activities, for example, try to pull panties. Useful toys that require different actions: build, protrude, invest, move, move, push and stuff.

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