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What to do to stop the child from crying

First of all, as soon as the baby cried,Try to determine the type of crying. It depends on the needs of the child and varies quite clearly even in the first days of life. The child is growing, and to determine the cause of crying is getting easier and easier. Either the sound tonality changes, or the parents become more experienced. Listen to the baby and try to give him exactly what he asks. Worry because of a dirty diaper does not melt milk, and flour from the accumulation of gases will not pass if the baby gets a breast.

Often, all the vagaries of the child are written off for hunger. And they feed him, feed him. It is likely that he just broke the schedule. Maybe the child has already slept, and you lull him again? Or he woke up at an inopportune time, tired of playing, lost his toy, wet his clothes, you carried him too much in his arms, it was time for evening moods. This is not a complete list of reasons leading to crying. Do not immediately pepper the baby with milk.

Sometimes you try to understand the reason for childrenTears ... and your karapuz at this time is already calming down. Perhaps you should just leave him alone? If he is full, dry and wants to sleep, put it more conveniently and do not bother. He will fall asleep himself. But to lull the baby in such situations is not worth it, why develop bad habits?

Pay attention to how long your baby is crying. Did you get the impression that the crying lasted for an eternity? And by the hour it was only 5-10 minutes.

Sometimes a child just needs to feel caring mother's hands. Hug the child, put him to him, talk to him kindly.

In any case, try to understand what the child is concerned about and console him according to the circumstances, and not because you are tired of his screaming.

We suggest that you consider some methods,Helping to calm the crying child. You can apply both one and several methods at once, combine them. Carefully watch the reaction of your baby. In the end, you will learn to recognize the information that he is trying to convey to you through his tears. And you will find the best ways to calm the child in each specific situation.

Sometimes it becomes inconvenient for a child to lie in oneAnd the same pose, or he turned unsuccessfully - to calm the crying will help a new position. It is necessary to take the baby in his arms and gently shift it, while supporting the head with his palms. If age allows, you can put the child on his knees and press him to him. Another option is to take the child in his arms and raise to the level of his shoulders, then to the starting position. And so several times. Or just pick it up and shake it from side to side.

To suppress the next crying will help and rhythmic movements. Walk around the room, taking the child in his arms. Raise it from top to bottom and vice versa. Sit with him in the rocking chair and rock for a while. You can also pokruzhit child.

Sometimes a child does not have enough heat, literallyThis word. Cover the child with a warm blanket. You can press it to yourself and warm it with your body. And you can before you go to bed the child, warm his bed with a warmer.

Sometimes, to calm a child can helpCertain sounds. In a quiet and calm voice, say a few words. Sing a lullaby or a song that your baby loves. You can not sing yourself - turn on the music. Let the music be calm, classical, light jazz or pop music, and a recording with sounds of water will do. Only heavy rock does not turn on, otherwise the baby's anxiety will only increase.

Sometimes it is enough to touch the childStopped crying. You can make a child a light back massage. To pet and caress the baby. Kiss him (children love when they are kissed). Put the child on the back and stroke his tummy clockwise.

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