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Lack of appetite in newborns

Why does the appetite decrease?

Children of any age: from newborns to teenagers can gradually lose their appetite. And every age hides its reasons for reducing or lack of appetite.

Poor appetite in the first year of life of children, the main reasons

Usually newborn children, if they feel hungry,Then they just eat, and they have good appetite. After all, the developing organism of a small child needs more nutrients than older children, so one-year-old children rarely refuse to eat. But if a newborn baby is applied to the breast for a short period or refuses at all from the mother's milk, then there are reasons to think that it might cause it.

Poor appetite in newborns - what is caused and what to do?

To one of the most common causes of poorAppetite in infants is a feature of the structure of the maternal nipple (for example, a sucked or flat nipple). Such an irregular shape of the nipple prevents the feeding of the baby. The child will be hungry and show it in every way: constant anxiety, crying, smacking lips, sometimes bulging lips. Mom will have to find a way out of the situation: either express milk and feed from a bottle, or feed in a suitable, not always comfortable, pose, so that the child can receive food, and the appetite normalizes.

Another reason for the lack of appetiteA newborn is a runny nose, a nasal congestion in a child. Since the child breathes through the nose when suckling the mother's breast, it is important that the airways are not laid. Otherwise, the feeding process becomes impossible, since the baby has to breathe through the mouth. Normalize appetite is possible after eliminating the causes of the common cold.

Pain in the baby's tummy is another reason

Colic in the abdomen of the baby are due toLactose insufficiency (when the child has an intolerance to carbohydrates of milk). Pain can also occur due to dysbiosis and because during the sucking of the breast a child could swallow the air.

You should wait for an audible eructation in the childAfter each feeding, holding it about fifteen to twenty minutes in an upright position. You can hold him in this position (or put the baby on his belly on his shoulder) for five to ten minutes, if suddenly the baby begins to give up breast milk as soon as you start to feed.

You can normalize your appetite with special mixtures that are devoid of milk protein, if your child has lactose deficiency.

Poor appetite of a newborn can be causedInflammation of the mucous membrane in the oral cavity. It is also called thrush of the mouth, which is characterized by the appearance on the cavity of sores and plaque of white color, as well as a noticeable reddening of the mucosa. It is necessary to get rid of the infection in order to normalize the appetite.

The appearance of the first teeth

And even such a natural process bringsDiscomfort in the child and affects the loss of appetite. This process is resolved on its own, and the inconvenience goes away with time. But at this time the child needs special care and attention on your part.

To change the appetite of a newborn babyCan affect the change in the taste qualities of breast milk. Suddenly, if you want to try some product that has not been eaten for a long time - think about whether it will change the taste of your milk. For example, after eating garlic, a child may refuse your breast. Therefore, you should be careful when you decide to diversify your diet. Also, failure can be caused if the mammary glands are inflamed (lactational mastitis).

When the breast is inflamed, the mother feels seals and pain in the mammary gland, the temperature can rise. When mastitis and its first symptoms should consult a doctor immediately.

With a decrease in thyroid function mayTo lack or only to decrease appetite. In other words, the decrease in thyroid function is called congenital hypothyroidism. Its main symptoms are: retardation in mental and physical development (the children later sit down, begin to hold the head later), lethargy, endocrine disruption - hair loss and dry skin. If suddenly there is a development of these symptoms, you should immediately consult a doctor. Only a doctor can make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe a treatment.

The state of appetite in newborns can also beTo influence and unusual atmosphere - a new place or too noisy. Try to change the situation to a more relaxed - turn off the radio or TV or feed the baby in the absence of strangers.

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