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How to provide first aid for choking shchitovidki

Symptoms of choking thyroid

  • Partial obstruction of the airways, sore throat, cough, noisy breathing, difficulty speaking.
  • Complete blockage. Inability to breathe, pallor with a bluish tint, confusion, loss of consciousness.

Preventive measures

Choking of the thyroid gland in infants and older children can be avoided if the following measures are taken:

  • From children under 3 years of age, all small items and toys with small parts should be hidden.
  • With suffocation it is useful to put a fist to the belly of a gasping person above the navel and press on this place.
  • Do not let your child run, play or walk with toys or food in your mouth.
  • Children under the age of 4 should not be given food that can easily get stuck in the throat - sausages, walnuts, pieces of meat or cheese, grapes, hard and sticky sweets, popcorn, raw carrots.
  • When eating, keep your eyes on the children.
  • Do not allow older children to give dangerous products or toys to younger children.

First aid for young children

To apply Heimlich to infants and small children is not recommended.

Children under the age of one year

In any case, emergency medical care is needed.

1. Place the child face down on the arm, supporting the head with the palm of your hand.

2. Five times hit the child on the back between the shoulder blades nearest to the wrist edge of the palm.

3. Put it face up on your hand-

4. Press down on the middle of the sternum five times.

5. Repeat the previous 4 steps until the child spits out what choked, does not begin to breathe or lose consciousness.

If the child has lost consciousness:

6. Open his mouth. If the object that caused the shock of the thyroid gland is clearly visible, remove it with your finger.

7. Toss the child's head back, try to make 2 breaths mouth to mouth.

8. Proceed to cardiopulmonary resuscitation, if the child does not respond to stimuli, does not breathe, and the pulse is not probed. In this case, someone must necessarily call an ambulance.

Children older than a year

If the child chokes and does not breathe, follow the procedure described below. They should not be performed if the child coughs, talks or cries. In any case, seek medical help immediately.

1. Place the folded thumb and index finger in the middle of the baby's belly, above the navel. Squeeze the fingers of the other hand into the fist.

2. Quickly press the baby on the stomach 5 times.

3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 until the object that caused suffocation is released and the baby begins to breathe.

4. If the child does not react to stimuli, does not breathe and does not feel the pulse, proceed to cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

5. Ask someone to call an ambulance.

Now we know how to provide first aid for choking shchitovidki.

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