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Technique of carrying out of children's massage

These techniques must clearly follow one anotherIn a certain sequence. It is then that the massage will benefit, and will not be done to the detriment of the young body. Methods and methods of children's massage study in the article on "The technique of the child's massage."

1st reception: stroking

It is with him that you need to start a massage for children. The same method and ends each subsequent reception, as well as general or local massage in general. Having determined the type of baby's skin, and conveniently placing the baby on a couch or chair, choose the place of massage. The body and hands of the masseur are sprinkled with talc or cream. Reception stroking is performed with your fingertips or palm. In this case, it is necessary to accurately calculate the effect of the hands on the child's body, so as not to cause pain or damage to the skin. The movements of the hands should be gentle and light, since the skin and muscles of the body are not yet prepared for massage, they are not warmed up and will initially experience pain and discomfort when the hands of the masseur are touched. On the body or limbs of the body, stroking should be done along, on the back and buttocks - zigzagging, and on the stomach and in the joints - along a spiral.

2nd reception: grinding

After stroking, when the body is slightly warmed upAnd was accustomed to the influence of the hands of a massage therapist, you can proceed to the second method - rubbing. Rubbing is performed more vigorously with fingers, palms, fists. At the same time, it is necessary to try to stretch and shift the skin areas as much as possible in different directions - both along the body and across it. At the same time, one obligatory requirement must be observed and fulfilled: the movements of the hands of the masseuse must be slow and moderately strong. This method will prepare the child's body for the next stage of the massage, without causing harm.

3rd reception: stroking

After taking the rubbing, you need to stroke the child's body again, in order to restore the normal functioning of the tissues after vigorous grinding.

4th reception: kneading

This is the most difficult method of massage, as from himDepends directly on the result of the massage, it acts not only on the surface of the child's body, but also on the organs and muscles of the body, located deep under the skin. This technique is performed with the fingers of both hands. The essence of it is to grab, raise or squeeze the surface of the body. The movements must be rapid and strong. Grabbing small fingers with your fingers along with the muscles, you need to pull them as far as possible, and then release, returning to the starting position. Kneading can be interrupted from time to time, and you can do it without interruption. That is, the time interval between captures and the duration of pulling can vary and vary depending on the strength of the hands of the masseur, the desires and abilities of the child.

5-th reception: again stroking

6-th reception: vibration. The name of the reception speaks for itself. That is, when it is carried out, it is necessary to intensively and more often produce vibration or vibrations of body parts. This technique can be performed both with the help of special vibro-massagers, which are now widely advertised and implemented by various trade and medical institutions, and with the help of hands. Hands can be used to pat or chop the child's body. Shaking and pushing, as well as other vibrating movements of the body can alternate here. When performing this procedure, the initial movements of the hands must be made more gently and slowly, gradually increasing them and increasing the speed. The massage ends with a general stroking of the body parts on which the massage was performed. Then the body area is wiped off with a dry towel. If necessary, the child turns over to the other side, for example, from the abdomen to the back, if the massage is also subjected to the opposite side of the body. It is again applied to the cream or talc, depending on the type of skin, and the techniques are repeated from beginning to end in the same sequence. After the end of the massage, the entire body of the child is carefully wiped with a towel. Get up from the couch or stool right after the massage is not recommended. It is best to cover the baby with a warm blanket and let it sleep for a while. As a result of the effects on the body of massage and a short sleep, the effect will be much greater. Now we know, what technique of carrying out of children's massage is required.

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