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Toys for the development of small motor skills in children

What is fine motor skills?

Fine motor skills Is a set of coordinated actionsMuscular, bone and nervous systems of a person, often in combination with the visual system in performing small, precise movements with brushes and fingers and toes. Often, for the term "fine motor skills", a term such as "dexterity" is used.

The role of the toy for the development of small motor skills in children is to accelerate, and also improve this skill in the development of the child.

Scientists came to the conclusion that about a thirdThe entire surface of the motor projection of the brain is exactly the projection of the hand that is located next to the speech zone. From this follows the following conclusion: the development of the speech of the child and the development of fine motor skills are two interrelated, inseparable processes. I will also note that to the sphere of fine motor skills is a huge variety of all kinds of movements. These are primitive gestures, such as capturing various objects, these are very small movements, on the quality of which the handwriting of a person depends. Knitting is one of the brightest examples of fine motor activities.

How is development of fine motor skills going on?

The process of development of fine motor skills occursNatural, natural way on the basis of development of the general human motor skills. The development of motor skills goes through a complicated path, starting with the grasping of the object with the entire palm of the hand, then it is improved during the transfer of the object from hand to hand, and by the age of two the child can not only correctly hold the spoon and brush, but also draw. The process of improving motor skills actively occurs in preschool and early school age. The child more often performs more complex actions that require coordinated actions of both hands.

What contributes to the process of accelerating the development of fine motor skills?

Psychologists and educators recommend startingTo develop small motor skills of the baby from the age of eight months through active training of the child's fingers. What promotes the development of small motor skills of the baby?

There are several effective ways to develop fine motor skills:

  • Games with small items (mosaic, puzzles, beads, designers, etc.);
  • Finger games;
  • Modeling;
  • Massage of fingers and hands.

It is important to note that a variety of educational toys will be a good helper for the development of small motor skills in children, many of which parents are able to produce on their own.

Analysis of toys for the development of small motor skills in children

Let's analyze various toys offered by the modern market of children's toys, the purpose of which is the development of fine motor skills in children of early infantile age.

Slingshot buses

Slings, or mummies, feeding beads - thisNot only a stylish accessory for a nursing mother, but in all respects it is an important developing toy for a baby, since birth. All nursing mothers know that kids are very fond of something "twist" in their tiny pens. So why would not a little karapuza "twist" such a fashionable accessory of modern mom - and fingers useful, and my mother is easier. Moms who are fed or fed will understand what I mean.

Lacing toys

The simplest lacing is for children inThe age of one and a half years. In the game form, the development of fine motor skills is carried out, and, consequently, the gradual preparation of the child for writing. Lacing allows you to come up with a lot of games. This is directly lacing, and the ability to use the elements of "lacing" in the story-role games or to learn the basic colors. Lacing games are designed to develop fine motor skills, assiduity and eye. In the process of the game, the coordination of movements and the flexibility of the hands are improved. "Laces" contribute to the development of fine motor skills, logical thinking, speech, and as a result - stimulate the development of articulation organs (speech apparatus).

Various wooden pyramids

I always puzzled my husband by buying the nextPyramids for the daughter-paw. The explanation sounds simple: "These pyramids are not simple, these are development toys, both for the development of fine motor skills and the logical thinking of the child." What are modern pyramids?

Pyramid is one of the basic developingToys for the child of the end of the first, only the second and third years of life. This toy helps develop fine motor skills, logical thinking, mastering new shapes, different shapes and sizes, and colors. Pyramid is also an interesting universal designer. The pyramid, made of wood, carries in itself the positive energy of a wooden toy. Elements of this pyramid are nice to hold, because they are always warm to the touch, and the broad surface perfectly develops the tactile sensitivity of the baby.

There are various pyramids with different degreesdifficulties. For the youngest, you need to buy a pyramid with a minimum number of rings. After one and a half years the child gradually begins to master the concept of size, so he collects the pyramid in the correct sequence of rings. For children over the age of three, complex types of pyramids are created, so called pyramid puzzles. They are podstavki with several rods of different geometric shapes, on which you need to properly string suitable shapes.


This toy appears in the life of the baby from the veryEarly childhood. With the help of wooden or plastic cubes it is possible to construct towers, build fortresses and houses. In addition, wooden cubes with pictures on them (for example, vegetables, pets, heroes of fairy tales) are sold, thanks to which the game of cubes goes into collecting pictures. This is not only the development of fine motor skills and spatial thinking, but also the development of attention and logic.


Free design is the easiest wayDevelopment of the child's spatial thinking, motor skills, creative needs and arbitrary actions. Therefore, the first constructor, which your child will meet, must be necessarily wooden. Wooden details of the designer are very nice to hold and twirl in small, and not only, handles. Such a massage of the hands has a beneficial effect on the development of touch and fine motor skills, and also useful for health. And no matter how quickly the modern industry of manufacturing designers from modern materials did not develop, a designer made of wood will always occupy a worthy place among them. Just such toys are recommended by children's psychologists and teachers as the first children's designer.

Frames and inserts

Wooden puzzles, or inlaid frames,Contribute to the development of fine motor skills, independence, attention, color perception, holistic perception of the subject, logical and associative thinking of the child. For the first time such a framework was used by Maria Montessori. The game is based on comparing the holes in the frame and the liner. The overall result can be as simple as the framed figures, and more complex compositions. There are both simple frames-inserts for the smallest, and more complex for older children.

Figures on magnets

The surface of the refrigerator is a wonderful"Field of action" for a small researcher. Having bought a magnetic mosaic for your child, you will not only take it a useful lesson, you will have time to cook dinner, but you will also accompany development of small motor skills, coordination of movements and spatial thinking. And the fantasy of the baby will help to reveal various figures in the form of colorful letters, figures and geometric figures.

Plasticine or dough for modeling

With the help of plasticine, the child does not express himselfOnly creatively, but also develops the flexibility and mobility of his fingers, which, in turn, improves speech. Naturally, it is not recommended for small children to give usual clay. Therefore, for the youngest, starting from one and a half to two years, sold special clay in jars, so called "dough for modeling". Well proven plasticine Play-Doh company Hasbro. He nicely sculpts, does not stain the hands of the baby, does not stick to his hands and delivers a lot of pleasure not only to the little boys, but also to adults. And if suddenly your baby decides to try the "merry clay" for a taste, then his salty taste is unlikely he will like. So everything is stipulated!


Cube-brand - a wonderful toy for the earlydevelopment of your crumbs. Your child learns to pick up the figures in shape and insert them into the corresponding holes. Thanks to such activities, the kid develops the fine motor skills of the fingers, and also gets acquainted with various geometric figures and different colors. Well, not an exciting activity!

Siegen boards

The boards of Segen are demountablepictures, these are wooden boards with liners, on which various living or non-living objects are depicted. The kid must close the board with the constituent elements, selecting the part necessary for the drawing and size. This game contributes to the development of speech, logic, coordination of movements, fine motor skills, as well as spatial perception of the baby.


Collecting colorful pictures, the kid develops not only fine motor skills, but also attentiveness, ingenuity, logical thinking, coordinating the work of the eyes and hands.


Games with different mosaics contribute to the developmentfine motor skills, intelligence and creativity of the child. Such a developing toy can be purchased by the baby, as soon as he turns one year old. The main thing - pay attention to the chips and the age of the child, for which the mosaic is designed. For the youngest, mosaics have been created with large bright chips and large plaques.

Finger games, finger dolls and glove dolls

Fingers games folk wisdom brought to usfrom the depths of centuries. We are all familiar with the games of "The Magpie", "Ladushki", "Goat-horned" and much more. Games and exercises for fingers help in the overall development of the baby.

Finger dolls can be both wooden, soand soft tissue. Thanks to this simple theater requisite, you can not only arrange a puppet show at home with your baby's participation, but also perfectly train your little fingers.

Remember that the smarter your hands, the smarter yourchild. By intentionally buying toys for the development of fine motor skills in children, you make a significant contribution to the development of your baby. It is important to remember that any toy will bring little benefit if the kid plays with her in "proud solitude." Only thanks to the joint "common cause" of the parents and the child will a good positive result.

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