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Vaccinations: the truth and consequences of vaccinations

Real complications are extremely rare. For example, in 2009, 6 million doses of DTP had only 12 complications, mostly convulsions with a favorable outcome. Complications after vaccination are due to the fact that the vaccination is not a pre-examined child with neglected pathology. Less often it is an individual reaction to the components of the vaccine, but this happens when taking any, even the most banal, medications. Vaccinations are true and the consequences of vaccinations are all in the article further.


  • Observe vaccination schedules.
  • Do not allow sick children to be vaccinated.
  • To select individual vaccination schemes for children with chronic pathologies, considering their state of health.
  • In the event that the child has a chronic disease, vaccinations should be made only during the remission period.
  • Do not vaccinate if there is anyContraindications. However, one should not confuse real contraindications with false ones, such as atopic dermatitis, intestinal dysbacteriosis, anemia, teething. With all these manifestations, you can vaccinate a child. Compliance with these unspoken rules will ensure maximum effectiveness and safety of vaccine prevention. History knows many examples when these diseases returned as soon as vaccination became optional. Remember, for example, the outbreak of diphtheria in the 90s,

How to protect yourself from the consequences?

Before the first vaccination of DTP, analysis is mandatoryBlood and urine, examination from a neurologist and pediatrician. 3-4 days before and the same after vaccination, the contact of the child with strangers should be minimized in order to protect her from infections. Do not introduce new foods into the diet and overfeed your baby. It is necessary to observe the regime of the day. DTP is the most complex vaccine. Even healthy children react to it with fever: less often there is another reaction - prolonged crying. Parents should know this and always keep on hand antipyretic (painkillers) funds: children's panadol, efferalgan, nurofen. There is an alternative to DTP - the so-called acellular DTP vaccine. They do not contain pertussis, which dramatically improves the tolerability of the vaccine - there is almost no temperature and crying. Such vaccines can be vaccinated even in years with neurological pathology,

New vaccinations - why, from what?

• Vaccine from pneumococcal infection. Pneumococcus causes the most severe forms of meningitis, pneumonia, as well as sepsis, otitis and sinusitis, which often lead to disability and even death. The Moscow and Sverdlovsk calendars include pneumococcal vaccine for children older than two years. But this vaccination is more important for children under two years, such as pneumonia, especially pneumococcal disease, is one of the leading causes of death among the youngest. There is a pneumococcal vaccine for babies from the age of two months. This vaccine is well tolerated and almost does not cause allergic reactions.

• Haemophilus influenzae is the causative agent of half of all purulent meningitis, epiglottitis (inflammation of the epiglottis, life threatening) and pneumonia. Vaccination is indicated to children from the age of three months.

•Chickenpox. Every year in Russia, chickenpox from 500 to 800 thousand children. Severe forms of infection can lead to encephalitis and even death, especially for adolescents and adults. The vaccine is included in the Moscow calendar. Side effects are rare, usually the vaccine is well tolerated.

• Rotavirus infection. Causes indomitable vomiting, diarrhea and rapid dehydration in young children. One of the main reasons for hospitalization. In Russia, unfortunately, the vaccine is not registered.

What happens if I refuse vaccinations?

Vaccinations were invented to combatDeadly diseases. You can give a huge amount of evidence of their high efficiency. For example, it was thanks to vaccination that our country was free from poliomyelitis for many years. And this summer poliomyelitis appeared in several Russian cities - it was brought by unvaccinated sick children from Central Asia. Fortunately, most of our children and adults have post-vaccination immunity to this terrible disease. Another example: vaccinations helped to reduce the incidence of rubella sharply. This immediately had a positive effect on the health of the children born, because rubella causes malformations of the fetus, miscarriages and premature birth. Disease, from which vaccinated, can be obtained in an active form. This is not true, because vaccines do not contain live viral or bacterial cells; But only their protein (or other) parts, which are necessary for the development of immunity. Do not vaccinate children with allergies or with weakened immunity. Such children can be vaccinated and even necessary, as they more often pick up infections and, most importantly, suffer them much harder than healthy peers. Vaccines contain toxic substances - mercury, formalin and others. Preservatives of modern vaccines are absolutely safe and non-carcinogenic. In foods that we and our children consume daily, preservatives and other potentially hazardous substances are much more. And we eat more often than we do inoculations. Vaccinations lead to severe consequences. This does not happen if the rules of vaccination are observed. If you protect the child from vaccination in the first five years of life, his immunity will form itself and the child will be healthier. Incorrect approach, as in this case the life and health of the child are daily very seriously at risk. An uninvited child can become infected with a deadly disease. Low-quality drugs in the polyclinic are another myth spread by opponents of vaccination. In our country, the transport and storage of vaccines is the subject of special attention. Infringement of conditions of snoring of a vaccine is fraught with the most serious consequences for the medical worker. Free, as a rule, offered domestic or long-registered drugs. There are modern safe analogues of vaccinations, which can be made for a fee. Such vaccines have many advantages: acellular pertussis and combination drugs can reduce the incidence.

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