/ How to give young children fish oil?

How to give young children fish oil?

Unfortunately, many mothers do not even know thatPrevention of rickets can be carried out not only "Aquadetrim", but also a natural product derived from the liver of cod fish - fish oil. Almost no one thinks about the question "How to give fish oil to young children". But earlier, in Soviet times, the kids in the kindergarten were lined up and given a spoonful of useful fish oil.

Yes, I agree, it's easier to give the baby one drop of cholecalciferol, so, in fact, is called vitamin D3, Than persuade, and even worse, "flood" the baby with fish oil. Therefore, I personally gave my daughter D3 At the age of up to a year (after all, so the doctor attributed, andEveryone said that fish oil is simply not available for sale) and not the entire sunless period, but periodically, but in the next year of life we ​​bravely turned to fish oil and made friends with it perfectly. I remember how our first "tasting" ended with a stained t-shirt, which the little girl spit out a new product, and then about ten washings passed while I washed the rich fishy "fragrance". But that's not the point. We need to find out the indications, contraindications and side effects of an important and necessary drug for a child's body.

Indications for use

First of all, vitamin D is prescribed for the purpose ofPrevention and treatment of rickets, rachitis-like diseases and osteoporosis. If we consider the indications for the use of fish oil, then they are much broader. Fish oil helps to solve problems of hypo-and avitaminosis A, eye diseases, is used to treat and prevent rickets, acute and chronic respiratory diseases, accelerate wound diseases, and also to treat and prevent many other problems. He is prescribed to women who live in the northern latitudes, during pregnancy and lactation.

Contraindications and side effects

If vitamin D has several indications forApplication, there are many more contraindications, which can not be said about fish oil. In fact, vitamin D is a chemical drug, and not every doctor advises taking it only for the purpose of prevention. Even it is believed that it is better to wait for the sun than to give a bad load to the baby's liver. Contraindications to the use of fish oil are hypersensitivity to the drug, as well as hereditary hemophilia.

Advantages of fish oil

As we see, fish oil has many advantages andThere are practically no shortcomings. Therefore, in the prevention of rickets in young children, it is more likely to give preference to a natural product - fish oil. And so that you do not doubt his undoubted benefits, emphasize his several important advantages.

As is known, fish oil contains veryImportant and valuable to the growing body of polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-3. It has been established that omega-3 promotes the formation and development of brain tissue, which is very important in early childhood, this contributes to the stimulation of mental development of babies.

In our time, increasingly put to young childrenDiagnosis: attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity. The intake of polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-3 improves the concentration of children in children, improves reading skills, behavior, and cognitive activity of babies. Deficiency of omega-3 causes in children such phenomena as anxiety, hyperactivity, impulsivity and sleep disorders. Thus, fish oil plays an important role in the development of children, helps to protect them from such negative factors as inattention and fussiness.

How and in what dosage to give young children fish oil

If you decide to give the baby fish oil, then,All the same, I recommend to consult with the pediatrician. As a rule, the dosage of the drug is determined individually. Children from 4 weeks of age are prescribed 3-5 drops of the drug twice a day, gradually increasing the dose to ½ -1 teaspoon per day. Children under the age of one appointed a teaspoon per day, up to two years - 1-2 teaspoons, from three to six years - one dessert spoon, and children over seven years - one tablespoon 2-3 times a Day (similar dosage for adults). Typically, fish oil take courses for 2-3 months, and if necessary, a second course take a break for one month and again repeat the reception.

How to teach a baby to drink fish oil

I think if you started giving the baby fish oilAlmost from birth, the problems in its reception will be much less than if you introduced the baby to this product at one-year-old age. Although, on the other hand, after a year you can agree with the baby about everything in the world, if, of course, try very hard. It is best to give the drug to the child while eating, somewhere in the middle of the "process". So the kid will not drink fat on an empty stomach, in addition, he will have the opportunity to "eat" the drug tasty food. That's it, that's right, we with the daughter and take the drug. You can also show the child how to take fish oil on your own example, to offer you to buy this useful product. Having become interested, the child will undoubtedly want to try the drug on his own.


After reading this article, you are sure to be sureIn the undoubted benefit of fish oil for the growing baby's body. Now you know exactly what it is needed for, what are its advantages and advantages over vitamin D, and how to properly give fish oil to children. Health to you and your children!

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