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Than it is harmful to feed your child?

World approach

We all know that most foods (meat,Milk, vegetables, fruits), sold in stores, not at all what our grandparents ate. But now every schoolboy will say what is GMO, pesticides and flavors. Unfortunately, these concepts have firmly entered our life. But there is good news! Products that do not contain harmful substances still exist. They are grown by many rural residents and some (often foreign) companies. Rural residents are somewhat simpler. If they do not use chemical fertilizers, then their entire crop can be called organic or environmentally friendly. But urban residents have to work hard to find natural products. Especially the mothers of small children are trying. Morning trips to the market for vegetables, trips to nearby villages for milk and cottage cheese from the "proven" grandmother became the norm among caring parents. Are you one of them? Hence, your baby eats really tasty, high-value food, products. In addition, scientists have proved that the content of vitamins, microelements and fiber in organic products is much higher than in those grown with the use of various "chemistry".

Attention to the counter

Rural products are, of course, good. But not all the products for the children's table can be bought in the village. What to do? Baby food manufacturers are encouraged. But among them there are those who nevertheless use unproven raw materials, preservatives, thickeners in production. To protect yourself, read the label carefully. If in the composition you find substances that are unnecessary to the child (in particular, starch), refuse to purchase this product. Another way to find truly natural baby food, is to pay attention to the presence on the label of a special badge "bio" (European product) or "organic" (USA). But there is a subtlety here too. Trust such a marking can only be if it is on imported products. Ukrainian producers also sometimes designate their products as "natures", "eco" or "organic". But in our country there are as yet no legislative acts regulating the issues of organic production. Therefore, such marking on national goods can be considered as advertising. So far no one can confirm the naturalness of such products. Parents should either trust the labeling of the manufacturer, or give preference to imported infant food. But in the EU countries, manufacturers have to undergo numerous checks and certification before they get the right to put the bio icon on the package.

My choice!

How can we make sure that the baby's diet is made up exclusively of natural products?

■ Grow them on the backyard. In the cold season it can be done even on the windowsill (greens, onions, lettuce).

■ Vegetables, fruits, meat and milkRural residents (not with second-hand dealers!), After making sure that they do not use harmful substances. It is not at all shameful to question how they fertilize the land, how they fight pests where they store the harvested crop.

■ Cook some foods yourself. For example, yogurt, cottage cheese, juice, fruit or vegetable puree is best done at home.

■ Purchase a special baby food in the store with a badge indicating its naturalness.

If you prefer to go to the store, then when choosing products for the child, be guided by the following:

  • Give preference to seasonal fruits and the fact that they are grown in our country. For the delivery and long-term storage, the overseas fruit is processed with unsafe means for children's health.
  • Instead of canned fruits and vegetablesGet frozen. Pesticides in them are approximately equal, but there are no preservatives at all. Too bright, flashy appearance of other products (pink yogurt, bright yellow cheese) should be alarming. Most likely, they have a lot of artificial colors - leave them on the shelf.
  • Try to take those goods, on the label of whichThere is a marking of GOST, not TU. The technical conditions of each company have their own, so that in the composition, for example, of biscuits, the producer can also put raw materials that are unsafe for the health of the child. But the products produced by the State Standard, can not contain clearly expressed harmful substances.

Not only crumbs, but the whole family buy organic products. Then he will understand from the diaper: to eat natural products - this is correct and modern!

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