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Diagnosis and treatment of diabetes in children

Do infants suffer from diabetes? Diabetes is characterized by an elevated level of sugarin blood. And these disorders are associated with a lack or complete absence of insulin. Although diabetes can be diagnosed in infancy, children at this young age are very rarely diabetic. However, the older the children, the more often a formidable diagnosis is made.

What symptoms should parents be concerned about? The most noticeable symptom for diabetes isWhen the child begins to feel thirst all the time. Therefore, he drinks a lot. After drinking a cup of drink, he almost immediately wants to drink again. The body begins to release much more (and more often) urine than usual. If a child wears disposable diapers, mom notes that they become very heavy. Another symptom is a marked decrease in activity. In the corners of the mouth sometimes there are jaundices, similar to the disease of the mucous membrane and the skin of the corners of the mouth. This symptom is sometimes confused with an infection. The child receives antibiotics, which, of course, do not help. However, the child feels bad, vomiting occurs. As a result, children enter the hospital in very serious condition. If diabetes in time is not recognized, it can, unfortunately, lead to a coma.

What is the cause of this disease? Children often suffer from so-called 1Type of diabetes, insulin-dependent. This is an autoimmune disease that is based on a child's immune system error. The pancreas usually contains beta cells that produce insulin. The mistake of the immune system is that it begins to treat beta cells as an opponent, and therefore seeks to destroy them. Beta cells die, and therefore it is not possible to produce insulin in the body.

Why does man need insulin? Insulin is the hormone responsible for maintainingNormal blood sugar. It also plays a key role in the production of energy, is involved in the metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Acute lack or absence of insulin is life-threatening. Because the muscles of the whole body and cells do not receive enough nutrients.

Can diabetes be prevented by proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle? Unfortunately, with the 1 st type of diabetes mellitus, Which usually suffer children - no. This disease (unlike type 2) has nothing to do with lifestyle and nutrition. This is not due to the fact whether the child suffers from obesity or excessive leanness. And even more so does not depend on the number of sweets eaten. Scientists do not know why at some point the immune system of young children begins to work incorrectly. Perhaps this is due to some sort of viral infection. But this is only a hypothesis. If the first type of diabetes mellitus, parents can not do anything, but in their power to prevent type 2 diabetes. On its appearance can really affect obesity, improper diet and sedentary lifestyle. This also applies to adults, especially those with a hereditary predisposition.

How is dDiagnosis of diabetes in children? It is very simple: the urine and the blood of the child are surrendered. The presence of sugar in the urine and elevated blood glucose can indicate diabetes. If your doctor suspects diabetes, the child is referred for treatment.

What should you do if your child is sick? Within two weeks your child will be treatedin the hospital. This is necessary because at the beginning it needs to be carefully examined to determine how much insulin is needed. Parents will be taught how to measure the sugar level in the child's blood, how to administer insulin (if needed), how to plan meals. All this is very important. Negligence and irresponsible attitude can lead to hypoglycemia, loss of consciousness.

Is it possible Diabetes cured? Doctors can not completely cure diabetes. But do not give up! If the parents and the child are in good faithFollow the instructions of doctors, then with this disease you can live without complications. As a rule, such children go to school, study well, can do the feasible work. However, it is obvious that much must change in life. Parents often admit that after the diagnosis in their family begins a different life. The child receives injections 3-5 times a day before meals. He should eat as much as necessary, so that the blood sugar level is sufficient. Several times during the day, it is necessary to measure the level of sugar in the blood. All this must be done! Because ill-treated diabetes in a few years leads to serious complications, especially for the kidneys. And it can even lead to blindness.

What is an insulin pump? This device can be very useful forDiabetics. Much simplifies their lives. Thanks to the pump, the dose of insulin can be precisely programmed and monitored. A sick child will not have to be pricked several times a day to give him a dose of insulin. When using an insulin pump, the injection is done every three days. The computer dictates the pace of insulin and food intake. Thanks to modern technology, children's treatment becomes easier and safer. However, this does not absolve the child and parents of the control of blood sugar and the practice of healthy eating.

When diagnosing and treating diabetes mellitusChildren are important to all factors. This is the responsibility and attention of parents, teachers and peers. This is the competence of doctors and modern medical equipment. This understanding of the problem by the child. But the most important factor, as always, is disinterested love and care. Feeling warmth and attention, the child will go through all the tests, and will live a full life. It is possible that very soon scientists will find the management of this terrible disease.

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