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Your child needs a nanny

In order to find a suitable nanny for your child, first, you need to be patient. Secondly, if you know that your child will need a nanny, start looking for her when she is pregnant.

Looking for a nanny is best through friends. Well, if you have a nanny in mind, the services of which were used by other parents - your good friends. You can also look for a nanny among caregivers of kindergartens, people with a pedagogical or medical background.

Conduct an interview with each of their chosen candidates. It is advisable that the nurse can provide you with recommendations from previous places of work.

What is the main thing for a nanny? She must love children. Try to find out right away whether this is so. Perhaps the woman came to arrange a nanny just because she needs money.

During the interview, pay attention to how patient, the person is initiative, how mature his views are.

If the child has health problems, the nurse should be able to provide first aid. Suggest to the nurse possible scenarios to find out how she will behave in this or that situation.

Explain to the nurse what specific duties will beTo enter into her work. Should she cook for the child, maintain cleanliness in the house, etc. Do not forget that you choose not a domestic servant, but a person who will have to dedicate all the time to your precious child.

Consider the age of the nanny. Nurses under the age of 18 are better not to be considered. However, not always mature age indicates a sufficient life experience. Prefer a nanny who has her own children.

Do not just leave the nanny alone with the child. Gradually introduce an outsider into the life of your family. Observe the fulfillment of the nanny of your duties for at least a few hours. Pay attention to how the nurse and child communicate. It is important that there is no antipathy between them, because often even adult people are simply incompatible.

Gradually leave the nanny with the baby for a longer time. Watch how your child responds to the nanny, how he behaves when she comes.

So, the moment came, and you left the nanny alone with the child. You should take care of the following important things:

  1. Leave the nurse with all the necessary telephones. In an emergency situation, she should know who to turn to.
  2. Instruct the nurse to always keep you informed. You should know immediately whether the child has a good or bad problem.
  3. Give the nurse clear instructions, which she must rigorously follow. For example, you feed the baby at 8pm. Make sure she does this at 8, not at 7 or 6.
  4. Call the nurse yourself and ask how things are going.
  5. Go back from work earlier than planned, to make sure that everything is fine in the house.
  6. Leave the nurse specific instructions for the case if you will be absent longer than planned.
  7. You do not need a nanny to become a member of your family, but you must have a trusting relationship with her.
  8. Be interested in the child and the nurse as they spent the day. Their stories should coincide.
  9. Listen to your intuition. You should not have any doubts about the person to whom you trust your child.
  10. If you have even the slightest doubt as to the competence or attitude of a nanny to a child, do not hesitate to part with it.

Of course, choosing a nanny is a responsible business, and, toUnfortunately, it is not uncommon for a nanny to treat a child badly. You must be very sensitive to feel the slightest "problems". Of course, the heat of parents and grandparents, no one will replace. If grandparents have the opportunity to take care of their grandchildren, then it is better to trust the children precisely for them. Several times a week you can use the services of a nanny.

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